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Song Spotlight: Middle of Nowhere USA by Terra Bella

Have you ever had one of those songs where you can just relate by the title? Well, that is what it feels like hearing the new song title Middle of Nowhere USA by Terra Bella. Coming from a tiny country town myself we always just said the next closest biggest city because we always felt our little map dot was in the middle of nowhere, and that is precisely what the married duo of Terra Bella sing about.

Country music has always been a part of Joe & Marina’s life and the fact that you can see their love for that and each other on and off stage is rare in this day and age. I met these two while out at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this past December thru a mutual friend and owner of Cotton & Rye Outfitters, Korie Lovette. Korie and I were shopping at the big Cowboy Christmas and stopped by another mutual friend’s booth, Trent Johnson, who owns Greeley Hat Works to pick up my new hat and look at all the fabulous cowboy and fashion hats he was customizing for customers.

Terra Bella was doing an acoustic set within the booth for all the Greeley Hat Works customers, and I was hooked! The way those two captivated the audience and just kept bringing more and more people to listen was exciting. I had to talk to them and find out their story.  As we spoke, I found out that they had been singing together for more than a decade and totally took a leap of faith and moved to the big music city! Then, of course, I remarked how stellar Martina’s hat was, and she said “well it’s right here” and actually named after her too!

Joe, Martina, Korie and I all decided to meet up after the rodeo and head to first to the Mirage for their music line up and then to South Point to catch Cody Johnson perform after the awards ceremony. As the Uber picked us up, we realized we had gotten the economy size…so we made the best of it. Korrie got the front, and the three of us piled in the back and on a whim we decided to do a quick interview! We were having so much fun and talking about their new song Middle of Nowhere USA when Martina did an impromptu bit of it! That girl can sing even with us barely having enough room to expand our rib cages she made it sound effortless. Check it out here:

Fast forward to not even a month later, they released the video and it premiered on CMT! Penned by Joe Costa and Dustin Huff, “Middle of Nowhere USA” serves as the third single from Terra Bella’s first full-length album There’s A Country Song. It shows beautiful landscapes, the fun of a small town, country life, rodeo roots, and the real personality of Martina and Joe while they are in an In & Out Burger joint being so authentically themselves. This married duo have just scratched the surface of what is in their future, and I can’t wait to follow the trek! If you are from a tiny country town or a big city you may just relate to this song more than you think…view, like, and share it with your friends.

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