Spokane Interstate Fair and PRCA Rodeo 2018

One of the powerhouse events of the rodeo world is returning after Labor Day this year. Every Friday after the Labor Day, the Spokane Interstate Fair and PRCA Rodeo comes back to give us some serious thrills. The rodeo itself will be held on the 7th and 8th of September at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. Since ’52, the event has always taken place at this location.  For over 66 years now, the Spokane Interstate Fair and PRCA Rodeo has been entertaining people with rodeo action unlike no other.


Of course, some of the very best athletes in the sport will be taking part in the competition this year. This event is famed for bringing together some of the best bull riders from across the world and the United States. The competition is tough and entertaining but there is a lot more to the Spokane Interstate Fair and PRCA Rodeo. Like every other year, this will not be different. Entertainers from across industries will be there to make the event enjoyable for the whole family.

There are a lot more activities for every visitor as well. Everything from arts and crafts to horticulture, to even food preservation, the number of things you can do at the fair and the rodeo are endless.

Fair Revenue

Every year the fair generates a significant amount in revenue. It averages to over $7 million dollars and this year it is expected to earn even more. The funds generated by the fair account for the majority of the revenue for the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. This is why there is a renewed sense of energy when it comes to making improvements. Every time this event comes around after Labor Day.

Media Coverage

With all the entertainment that visitors get to enjoy, the people at home might feel left out. Luckily, media coverage for the Spokane Interstate Fair and PRCA Rodeo is spot on. You can even check out all the updates at the CLN Website at CowboyLifestyleNetwork.com. Also, stay up-to-date by following Cowboy Lifestyle Network on Facebook!

Do not miss out on the Spokane County Interstate Fair and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo 2018.

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