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Catch the Spring Issue of Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine!

Welcome to the spring issue of Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine! In this issue, our cover feature includes a Q&A with the world-renowned contemporary western artist, Lyndon Gaither and a special spread on American Agriculture. Below you find short snippets of some of the highlight stories and at any point, you can click the links in each section for the full story.

Agriculture, the Original Western Lifestyle

With spring in the air, I really wanted to highlight the backbone of America, and the foundation of the Western lifestyle, which is, agriculture, and I wanted to explore the underlying similarities between the two. Several stories in this issue highlight the importance of American agriculture and the ties that they have back to the western lifestyle. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed curating it!

Photo Credit to Michelle Mensing Photography

Discover Ag: Agriculture you can Relate to

Discover Ag is a podcast that is creating waves in the agriculture industry. With a fresh take on trending news topics, hosts, Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen are sharing agriculture in a way that is relatable to anyone tuning in. They cover topics like the recent dairy fire in Texas, sharing real facts about food, and interviews with agriculture industry leaders. Keep reading the full interview here.

Q & A With Agriculture Advocate Stephanie Nash

Another aspect of agriculture is advocacy and Stephanie Nash is the time epitome of agriculture advocacy. Having made appearances in several top news channels and outlets around the country, Stephanie isn’t afraid to share her thoughts on the importance of the food system in the United States. Her main mission is to share that without farms there is no food. Read the full interview here.

The Importance of the Beef Industry

CLN’s own Tiffany Selchow briefs us on the importance of the beef industry and how it plays a role in the western lifestyle. Tiffany lives on a ranch here in Arizona with her husband who manages the ranch and very much “lives the lifestyle” every day. Catch the full story here.

Photo credits to Hazel Lights Photography

The Art of Navajo Silversmithing with Wild Pony Trading Co.

Navajo jewelry isn’t a new trend, but finding authentic, quality pieces can prove to be quite a task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Theresa and Bo, owners of Wild Pony Trading Co. work with Navajo silversmiths in addition to creating their own pieces. You can read the full story here!

A New Take on Contemporary Western Art with Lyndon Gaither

Lyndon Gaither is world-renowned for his use of bright colors and contemporary style. I knew I wanted a feature that was out of the ordinary and Lydnon’s work fit the bill. His work is also featured on the front cover of this issue and I had a great conversation with him about his overall process. Read the full Q & A with Lyndon here.

From the Lens with Michelle Mensing Photography

Michelle Mensing is no stranger to the agriculture industry, but she fell in love with capturing it through her camera. In fact, Michelle offers an agriculture stock photo membership where you can use her photos on a monthly basis for your business. She was our “From the Lens” feature in this issue and she did a great job capturing the essence of American agriculture. You can check out her full story and photo spread, here.

About Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine

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