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“We’re just gonna wing this!” followed by a contagious laugh is something you’ll undoubtedly hear anytime she gets behind a mic. Whether she’s on the big stage or a truck bed Ali Truman tells her stories with a fresh sound, yet still rich in traditional country fashion.

There’s no shortage of supply for new songs while being on the road with music and rodeo. Ali perfected her craft in dance halls and honkytonks across Arizona, along with a rodeo dance here and there. First word of advice she’ll give you is “never date a bull rider!” It was only fitting that her first single be one that tells a few of the stories she picked up along the way. Appropriately titled Damn Roughys, it sheds some light to any girls out there that think they want to date a cowboy.

Her debut EP, Devils in the Details, took a different sound than anticipated when she got to the studio adding a soulful rock influence to her songs. Her right hand man and fiddle player Jordan kept the traditional country edge on each track of the EP.

Devils in the Details will continue her travels, and pursuit of a calf roper, playing shows in Texas and Oklahoma as well as Arizona in the summer of 2018.

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