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Memories of Tex Earnhardt live on through #TexTuesdays

Earnhardt Auto Centers founder and frontman Tex Earnhardt died in April at age 89. His family and company continue to honor Tex’s memory through #TexTuesdays on social media. Check it out for some special Tex nostalgia!

The #TexTuesday posts include photos and quotes. One post from this summer included Tex’s now-famous quote, “If you don’t try us, we both lose money!” Another post in May included another famous “Tex-ism,” as they became known, mottos that Earnhardt dealerships would implement. The post mentioned how if any customer saw Tex at a dealership, he would ask them, “What can I do for you?”

Other #TexTuesday posts celebrate the history and growth of Earnhardt Auto Centers from humble beginnings. Tex scored a Ford franchise at age 20, making him the youngest-ever Ford franchise owner. Earnhardt Ford, the first of many Earnhardt Auto Centers locations, started in 1951 in Chandler. This first car dealership truly grew one vehicle at a time — Tex needed to sell one car before he could afford to purchase the next one for sale. 

Over the years, Earnhardt Auto Centers continued to expand and build its reputation in the Southwest. Tex became widely known as the straight-shooting cowboy car dealer who offered no-nonsense deals. His iconic commercials appeared for decades on TV, in local publications and on Valley billboards. These commercials featured Tex riding a steer and saying his signature tagline, “That ain’t no bull,” another famous Tex-ism. 

Today, Earnhardt Auto Centers offers 17 vehicle brands in 21 locations throughout the Valley, in Prescott and in Las Vegas. Over the years, Tex’s sons Hal and Jim Babe joined him in the business, and so did several of his grandchildren. The Earnhardt family plans to continue growing and expanding the business with Tex’s “No Bull” philosophy at the center. 

Other #TexTuesday posts show recent and historic photos, including Tex riding a steer and spending time with beloved family and friends. 

Tex Earnhardt truly left a lifetime of cherished memories. Enjoy some nostalgia today on social media with #TexTuesdays!

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Carolyn Sostrom is a long-time Arizona resident who loves desert sunsets, warm weather and zumba. As a writer, she’s covered technology, medical and travel topics.

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