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The Wrangler Difference

What does the American Dream, cowboys, cowgirls and rodeo all have in common? Wrangler, of course! They have stood the test of time and prove to be America’s trusted brand for blue jeans. How does a company like that start and how have they grown into the leading western attire brand that competitors, farmers, and the every day American have grown to love? Let’s take a look!


Surprisingly, Wrangler hasn’t always been “Wrangler”. The story starts in 1897 with 20-year old C.C. Hudson, who at the time, lived in Tennessee and wanted to get into the textile business. He found a job sewing on buttons for .25 cents a day. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of something legendary. In 1904, Hudson and his brother open up their own overall shop called “Hudson Overall Company”. This company took off in the next 15 years and the brothers had to move the headquarters and then renamed the company “Blue Bell Overall Company”.

It’s now 1943 and Blue Bell has grown exponentially. So much so that they buy Casey Jones Company, a manufacturer of work-clothing, and, with it, the rights to Casey Jones’ rarely used brand name. Just a few short years later, the rarely used brand is launched to the American consumer back by celebrity tailor, Rodeo Ben. Some of Wrangler’s first “endorsees” included 16x World Champion, Jim Shoulders, Bill Linderman and Freckles Brown. After this, the company continued to grow and expand becoming the countries number one brand for western wear.

So What’s the Wrangler Difference?

Through the years, regardless of company changes, what Wrangler stands for has stayed the same. They vow to uphold the western way of life and support all the men and women who are doing the same. To this day, you will see Wrangler being represented by some of the top competitors in the PRCA, PBR, WPRA and so many more. Western celebrities like George Strait, Jon Pardi, and Cody Johnson are just a few of the name celebrities that not only wear the brand but live the brand. To me, that is what Wrangler is all about, living the brand, that is the Wrangler Difference.

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