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TikTok Round-Up for April

Welcome to my new series where I will be highlighting trending TikTok accounts and posts! Listen, I get it, you don’t want to spend hours scrolling, but think of this as your TikTok highlight reel and leave the scrolling to me.

TikTok Accounts I’m Loving


This one might be a shameless plug for Cowboy Lifestyle Network, but if you like our content on the gram then you will definitely want to give us a follow on TikTok. With everything from local event coverage to rodeo wrecks and cute ranchy kids doing cute ranchy things, we have a good mix of everything!


If you love good, wholesome content and are on “cowtok” then you’re going to LOVE this account. Yasmin lives in Australia on her family’s camel dairy. Yes, you read that right, camel dairy. She knows all of her camels by name and shares fun facts about camels that you probably didn’t know. You can thank me for the camel content later.


Sweet Pea was in the cuddliest mood today #cameltok #fyp

♬ Paradise – Bazzi


I did an interview with Amanda last month, which turned out awesome in case you haven’t read it yet, but her content is always on point. If you are into horses, like the training side of it and like someone who will tell you how it is, then Amanda is one you need to be following. She is a great combination of motivational, educational and funny. Not to mention, she is pretty living out every cowboy-girl’s dream.

TikTok Accounts With Great Content

Okay, listen, most of the TikTok accounts I love have great too but these accounts really go above and beyond the call of TikTok duty to make amazing content that I loved enough to hit “follow”. Chances are if you’re on the same TikTok feed I am, then you might be following these accounts already but if not, then enjoy!

@steadyrein – Emily Sperandeo

Emily first captured the hearts of many with her overall videography skills and amazing horseback riding content. Over the last month, she has been in Namibia, Africa working on a ranch. Talk about an adventure! Well it gets even better when she befriended a wild African horse who she took to the time to train while she was the there. The video series ended with her saying goodbye to the horse as she ended her time in Africa. It’s worth it to go back through and watch the videos, I promise!


Okay, if you love farm content then you will want to follow this gal. She addresses farming and farming questions in the funniest, most up front way. Not only is her content educational, but it’s also entertaining which is the perfect combination for this industry. If you’re looking to get into farmtok, this is a great place to start!


This account not only brings you the cuteness of baby cows (and other animals), you also get some phenomenal videography content. I don’t think there’s a bad video on that account at all, so if you need a daily dose of cuteness, then make sure to add them to your follow list.

Hope you enjoyed, if you have you own recommendations, make sure to comment on them below!

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