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Music Monday: Trey Odum Signs Record Deal

Two years ago, we introduced you to country artist Trey Odum. While the world seemed to stop turning in that time frame, the music industry kept going. Moving from Arizona back home to Georgia during the summer of 2020, Odum’s music career took off in a matter of months. By December, Trey had been picked up by Emanant Records, a subsidiary of Sony Nashville. With his newly signed record deal and a world of endless opportunities, Odum is releasing his first single under the Emanant Music label.

Drink My Way To Her, is Trey Odum’s second single release and the first of many to be produced by Chas Childers. The song paints a gorgeous mental image of love lost and finding oneself in the midst of pain. Odum’s first single, as well as this one, was engineered by Jason Reichert, lead guitarist for world-renowned Arrested Development. Reichert shreds in his guitar solos on both tracks, mid-song, adding a unique sound to the country artists’ style.

This may be the first of Trey’s singles to come out of Emanant, but it certainly is not the last. With the incredible team over at Emanant and Sony, there are currently three more singles in the queue to be released over the next few months. In the last year, Odum has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the up-and-coming music scene. Touring throughout the Southeast, rubbing shoulders with viral country artists, and working on opening some stellar festivals in the near future, if you have not been able to hop on this bandwagon yet, you may want to start running a little faster.

Having an amazing team working behind the scenes as well as epic musicians, bass player Jarred Harris and drummer, Shawn Huskins, on stage beside him, Trey continues to make waves that will have you begging for more. Find Trey’s new single, Drink My Way To Her on all streaming platforms, September 13th!

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