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Connecting People Back to Agriculture with Tucker Brown

Moving cows on the R.A. Brown Ranch. Photo by Kayla Jennings.

6th Generation Texas Rancher, Tucker Brown, Successfully Shares the Ranching and Beef Story on Social Media

Tucker Brown, whose family has been ranching in Throckmorton, Texas, for six generations, is the kind of person you want as a friend. His humble air and ability to poke fun at himself allow a person to feel at ease and enjoy the content he shares. Tucker grew up on the R.A. Brown Ranch, where he and his family reside and work. The R.A. Brown Ranch is known far and wide for its quality genetics, both in horses and cattle. His background could lend him to a higher evaluation of himself, but that’s not seen in the videos he shares on TikTok. Instead, you find a plethora of uplifting, inspiring, informational, and funny content. His 15-second prayer breaks have gone viral many times and are used across the platform for other’s videos. He doesn’t miss the trends but instead uses them to share facts about ranching, beef, and his love for God and the land. He even has content for the horse girls! He’s fortunate to use some beautiful stock bred by the ranch for his work, and he doesn’t miss a chance to show them off. 

Sporting the American flag, Tucker poses atop one the R.A. ranch horses. Photo by Kelli Brown.

Get to know Tucker better with a read of his Q&A, and then give him a follow.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

A: My name is Tucker Brown, the sixth generation of the R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas. The R.A. Brown Ranch has been a family ranch since 1895, where we raise registered Angus, Red Angus, and Simangus cattle. We are also very involved in the AQHA, raising quality Quarter horses for our cowboys to ride and for the show arenas. Before returning to the family ranch, I graduated from Lubbock Christian University and the TCU Ranch Management program. I have worked in many positions at the ranch but am currently enjoying my time taking care of the cows, hunting, and pastures. I am living my dream with my wife Karley and our 18-month-old daughter Rayley, working with my family and livestock. 

Tucker and one of the R.A. ranch horses. Photo by Catherine George.

Q: How did you get started on your account? 

A: My family has always loved sharing our way of life and the ranch’s history. We have typically done so through some excellent photography by my mother, Kelli Brown, and my cousin, Emily McCartney. We started by sharing these photos on our ranch’s social media, and we still do. I began putting some ranch videos together for humor and education for those who want to know more about the ranching community. I believe that there are more people now than ever before that have been separated from agriculture. Many want to know more about where their food comes from and know who raised it. This is what really drove me to start taking social media more seriously. It has given me a platform to share the truth of modern American farmers and ranchers. If the consumer wants to know where it comes from and how it was raised, I am more than happy to share that. That is what I have really enjoyed about this. 

Tucker with one of the ranch’s Red Angus. Photo by Catherine George.

Q: What have you learned from this process? 

A: I have learned that the everyday consumer has been “fed” many lies about American agriculture. I do a lot of studying to be prepared for the questions and possible negative statements that have come with a growing following on social media. I try to back up many things I share with data and facts. This has given me an excellent opportunity to learn more about the American agriculture community. I have also learned that the large majority of questions are sincere. Many people are inquisitive about the American cowboy lifestyle.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with your platform? 

A: My first goal is to help educate the average person about the agriculture community. I hope my followers are so entertained by the content that they do not realize they are being taught something. Another one of my goals is to be a spokesperson for the beef community. I believe the American rancher has a great story, and I love to tell it to those willing to listen.

Checking cows on the R.A. ranch. Photo by Tucker Brown. 

Q: What advice do you have for other creators?

A: The best advice I can give to other creators is to keep catching great pictures and videos of our lifestyle. The cool thing about agriculture is that we are surrounded by incredible views and livestock at all times. I would also say to be very knowledgeable about the things that you share. Agriculture creators are fighting an uphill battle against many rumors and lies about the industry that we love so much. I believe the best way to be a part of the solution to that problem is to listen to the consumers’ concerns and answer them truthfully with facts. 

Tucker and his family. Photo by Kayla Kennings.

TikTok Insights for Tucker Brown

  • Type of Creator: Ag-Vocate/Educator
  • Years on TikTok: 1.5 year
  • Followers: 213K
  • Likes: 4 Million
  • Handle: @TuckerBrownRAB

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