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West Texas Heritage by Design

Learn about Espuela Design Co.’s success, a company born of West Texas Heritage. Also get all the details about upcoming Espuela Design Co. Trunk and Fashion Shows!

Espuela Design Co. – true heritage in the bag!

Each Espuela Design bag comes standard with antique laundry pin (adorned with Spirit beads) from their West Texas family business, as well as a vintage 1970’s western belt. – photo by Whitney Benton Photography

The tried and true recipe for Espuela Design Co.’s success is:

  1. They do what they love, and love what they do.
  2. They’ve stayed true to their roots.
  3. They’re generous – they share their unique story with their clients, customers, business, and products.

Each bag comes standard with a lifetime warranty and is crafted using the highest quality materials, including vintage 1970’s belts; antique laundry pins adorned with Spirit Beads from their family business; 10-inch horse hair “shoo-fly” tassles; and hand-cut, leather fringe.
Espuela Design Co. is born of West Texas Heritage, bred from a family of true, hardworking cowboys and cowgirls who have, for generations, held a strong belief in God and being good stewards of the land with which they’ve been entrusted. Cody Oden’s family also owned and operated numerous dry cleaning/laundry services in West Texas.

The vintage belts can be customized, and there are different embellishment options available to make your bag just that – YOUR bag! – Whitney Benton Photography

Cody Oden, Espuela Design founder and owner, started working on his family’s cotton farm/cattle ranch and at their laundry businesses at the tender age of six.

Even the saddle blanket material, featured in the Fall 2018 line, has been designed by Cody himself, uniquely for Espuela Design Co.’s bags. – Whitney Benton Photography

When Cody was still just a young boy, his grandmother Geraldine “Gerry” Cook, took the time to teach the wiry cowboy who loved to ride horses, how to quilt!
Yes, you heard me right – how to quilt! And then, when Cody attended Cotton Center High School, his Home Economics teacher was none other than his mother, Vicki Oden, who went on to teach her son the basics of sewing and smart business.

Geraldine “Gerry” Cook – Cody Oden’s Grandmother – a part of Espuela Design’s West Texas heritage.

Cody grew into a young man who wanted to carry on his family’s love for the land, so he attained a degree in Agronomy from Texas Tech University. He remained active in riding and selling rodeo horses for competition, and remained involved with the laundry business.
He met and fell in love with an Ag Science teacher, Karen, who happened to live and work 891 miles from his doorstep. During their courtship, they frequently made arrangements to meet each other.
One such destination was Sante Fe. While there, they were both inspired by the art, the fashion, and the feel of the historic town. They happened upon an upscale resale shop, where he found a handmade bag. It was very expensive ($1800), and he insisted on purchasing it for Karen; but she equally insisted that he not.
So he went home and started to design his own for her.

Cody’s daughter, Madison Oden, also plays an important role in carrying on Espuela Design’s West Texas Heritage. – Carli Layton Photography

He poured his West Texas Heritage into the creation. He made the bag from a beautiful, saddle blanket. He added a laundry pin from his family business, hand-cut fringe, a shoo-fly tassle, and a vintage 1970 leather-tooled belt as a handle.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Benton Photography

When he presented it to Karen; she at first thought he’d gone and purchased the expensive bag from Sante Fe; but was ecstatic when she discovered that Cody had made it especially for her.
And the rest has been history in the making. Her friend, her mother, etc were soon asking for their own custom bag; and when Cody’s family lost their crops of cotton and sorghum, he told himself “I know how to sew – I can make it happen”. And that, he did!

Cody Oden, founder, designer, and owner of Espuela Design Co., often emcees various fashion shows and is essentially a one-member marketing team of Espuela Design Co. – photo credit – Boutique Hub Business

Currently, Espuela Design has over 22,000 Instagram and nearly 11,000 Facebook followers.
They are sold in over 160 boutiques; will be featured in the 2018 Christmas Edition of the prestigious magazine “Cowboys and Indians”;  and are now international – selling all over Australia in correlation with PBR and ABBI events in the Buckaroo Boutique (Jazmine Wallace, owner).

Photo by Natalie McFarland


Upcoming Espuela Design Co. Trunk and Fashion Shows:

September 11-15

Pendleton Roundup, Happy Canyon Pendleton Roundup Store (exclusively with Espuela Design Co.); and the Triangle T Boutique on Main Street, Pendleton, OR

October 4-5

Junk Gypsy (Texas Antiques Week)

November 14-17

WRCA World Finals, Amarillo, Texas

December 6-15

Rodeo Fashion and Western Arts Expo, Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada – DURING THE WNFR!!!

Photo courtesy of Whitney Benton Photography

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