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What You Should Know About the Western Resources Legal Center

In a day and age where advocacy for farmers and ranchers is needed more than ever, the team at Western Resources Legal Center is providing education and innovation in the legal sector of agricultural America. At their core, they not only represent natural resource users when it matters most, but at the same time, they are teaching law students how to advocate for those users as well as the industry as a whole. Check out their mission statement below. 

WRLC Mission Statement 

β€œThe Western Resources Legal Center is a 501 (c)(3) educational organization that provides law students with quality instruction and excellent opportunities to develop their legal skills and knowledge of natural resources and environmental laws through the legal representation of clients active in natural resource-related industries that will lead to careers as attorneys and policymakers with an appreciation for the challenges faced by, and importance of, natural resource industries.” – Credit to WRLC Website

Credit to WRLC Website

Who Do They Serve?

As noted in their mission statement, their service is two-fold; in addition to the WRLC providing farmers, ranchers, water users, mining companies, and other natural resources entities with legal representation, they are also giving an opportunity to law students. Their goal is to introduce students who show an interest in this area of expertise and different ways that they can advocate and represent businesses that are providing a service or product for our modern way of life. Because of their hard work, WRLC students and law graduates have been placed in externships all over the country with both private and public employers. 

Credit to WRLC Website

How Do They Serve?

Because the WRLC is a Non-Profit Organization, they do not charge for legal services when working with a client. However, it should be noted that their clients are still responsible for the costs related to litigation such as filing fees and other routine costs. Anyone can apply for their services by heading to their website and filling out the appropriate documentation. This level of service would not be possible without their dedicated sponsors, like CKP Insurance. 

The WRLC takes great pride in the work they do. A great example of this is their most recent case won in June of 2022 when a judge dismissed a lawsuit that was filed by environmental groups to stop sheep grazing in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington. Their client, S. Martinez Livestock will be allowed to continue grazing his sheep until the United States Forest Service provides a proper environmental analysis. You can read the full story here or stay tuned for a full interview coming soon!

Credit to WRLC Website

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