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What 2021 Holds for Rodeo Royalty

With all the craziness going on in the rodeo industry right now, one thing that people might not know is that rodeo royalty around the country has been affected during the pandemic as well. Several royalty associations have decided to roll titles over to 2021 because there were hardly any opportunities for rodeo royalty to get out there and do what they do best. Today, I have a special guest from my hometown rodeo that I wanted to include in this CLN segment. I would like to introduce you to Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo Royalty Queen, Marissa Mansingh.

A Little About Marissa

Hi! My name is Marissa Mansingh and I am the 2021 Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo Queen. I’ve been involved in rodeo all my life, from being lead lined in local gymkhanas to riding on my local rodeo drill team and being a rodeo queen. As I may have explored other sports and activities, rodeo and horses has always been my true love. I started my journey with the Southwest Arizona Sisters, Inc. drill team and they taught me the basics of being a rodeo queen. My very first title was the 2019 Lost Dutchman Days Sr Teen Queen. Apache Junction is extremely supportive of me and I wouldn’t want to represent any other rodeo. I am majoring in Business with a emphasis on marketing at Chandler Gilbert Community College with the Presidential Honors Scholarship. My goal as a rodeo queen is to inspire the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls to go after their dreams. “Reach for your blackness of space, don’t settle for the skyline” is my motto as a rodeo queen.

CLN: Can you describe what it’s been like holding a rodeo royalty title during a pandemic?

Marissa: It has been rough. This year I was so excited for the extra responsibilities as queen but didn’t get to fulfill them but I am forever grateful for my rodeo committee and queen director because they were supportive of everything I wanted to do during the pandemic like represent at other rodeos that weren’t cancelled, participated in multiple community service projects, and hold a online fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad.

CLN: What are you hoping 2021 looks like?

Marissa: I’m looking forward to the rodeos that are being held and hopefully going to the GCPRA finals.

CLN: Has anything good come out holding a title during this time? If so, describe it.

Marissa: A good thing that came out of this time is I got to represent Lost Dutchman Days in ways other than visiting another rodeo. I got to make advances in our social media presence and represent from home.

CLN: Do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with our audience?

Marissa: Rodeos queens are committed to representing our rodeos with grace and ambition. Even a virus can’t stop us from showing our support and love for this great sport of rodeo because that is our job and we love doing it. I wouldn’t want to represent any other sport and I am so glad to call the rodeo community family. There is nothing I want more than to be with everyone again without restrictions or boundaries and get back to doing what we love and our way of life!

If you have a rodeo queen you’d like to nominate to be featured, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect!

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