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What It Takes To Be a Rough Stock Rider

Listen, if you’re anything like me then the idea of getting on an animal that weighs up to ten times more than you is terrifying. Well for some athletes, it isn’t. In fact, they do this for a living. Whether it be saddle bronc, bareback or bull riding, it takes a certain kind of athlete to decide that is the right path for them. From an outsider looking in perspective, here are a few things we think it takes to be a rough stock rider.

1. Grit

This quality is at the top of our list because without it, the rest of them null and void. Regardless of what you’re riding, when you get on your animal, you know you run the risk of getting hurt. And you know each time you are going to hit the ground (or the fence), it takes a lot to decide that you are going to get back on time after time.

2. You Have To Want It

This one may have you scratching your head, but I guarantee that there aren’t any cowboys or cowgirls out there riding rough stock that don’t want it or don’t like it. This isn’t a career or hobby that you can do in your spare time. Riding rough stock takes consistent dedication, not only to your skill but also to your body.

3. Mentor

Regardless of who it is, having someone to help you record your rides, give pointers and support you is crucial in your journey of being a rough stock rider. If you ask any of the rough stock riding legends, they all learned from someone else. Not to mention, you can skip the mistakes they made and go right to improving your riding with their mentorship.

4. Laser Focus & Nerves of Steel

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