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Inside Nashville: Will Hoge & Tiny Little Movies

ACM, CMA and Grammy nominee, Will Hoge is set to release his newest record, Tiny Little Movies, on June 26, 2020. Even if it Breaks Your Heart writer, Hoge, states “the record is about all our (the band members) experiences; it’s bigger than just stories about me and my life, although there’s some of those in there too” he laughs. “I really love the songs, as a writer I feel like I’ve carved out some good ones and we captured some great moments with the band, the emotion in the record all the way down to the mixing. I still believe in making albums where you drop the needle on side one, song one and you turn it over then listen to the second side top to bottom.”

Regardless of the recent world events, Hoge says they’ve had their album release date set for a while, although they contemplated moving the date to later in the year. He adds that he and his family have rediscovered music as listeners, which has fueled his love for the art. “When people started hearing about our new album and we were receiving good feedback, we felt good about putting it out during these interesting times.”

“Tiny Little Movies is the first record the band and I have really gotten to go into the studio to work on together. The last record we did was My American Dream which we did in 3 days and the band had never heard the songs before, I just came in with a guitar and we just went for it. This time we spent multiple days in an East Nashville rehearsal room to work out each part and were able to feel the songs together as a band. It was really special this time, that led us to the album title with all of these stories and the songs playing out in their own little cinematic way.”

Will and his band hope to get back on tour later this fall, but for now, you can catch his live stream “My House to Your House” Tour on Facebook starting June 26th at 5:00 pm CDT.

Photos by Katie Krauss

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