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Wrangler® National Patriot™ Honors United States Military Veterans

This Memorial Day, Wrangler® National Patriot™ celebrates the brave men and women in uniform by giving thanks to the United States Military and their families. Founded in 2009, Wrangler® National Patriot™ is a year-round program dedicated to helping raise funds to support military veterans and their families.

Wrangler takes great pride in giving back to the heroic veterans who have lost their lives or suffered injuries at the expense of protecting our borders, safety, and freedom. In the last ten years, Wrangler® National Patriot™ has raised over $777,000, with the Western Industry contributing over $1.2 Million.


Teaming up with George Strait, for every George Strait Wrangler Patriot – Red, White, and Blue shirt sold, a portion of proceeds is donated to charities providing support to the military veterans and their families. The shirts can be purchased at rodeos nationwide as well as online and in retail stores that carry Wrangler Western wear.

In addition to purchasing Wrangler Patriot merchandise, Wrangler encourages local rodeo committees across the United States to partner with local veteran charities in their communities to raise funds and awareness. The funds raised by the rodeo committees are donated directly to local charities benefiting military veterans.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to partner with Wrangler and the American 300 organization this year to capture the whole tour. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the updates as Wrangler Representatives head overseas to give back to the men and women serving our country. The Wrangler® National Patriot™ program is truly a kind of its own. For further information visit Wrangler® National Patriot™.

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