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The Calgary Stampede is known as the ‘greatest show on dirt’. Why? Because it is! If you’re looking for just one great rodeo event to witness in your lifetime, pick Calgary. Believe it, but if Calgary, Alberta, isn’t in your travel budget for July 6 through 15 this year, get a FREE taste by going to wranglernetwork.com for all the action.

From the beautiful ex-Olympic venue to the city’s hospitality and civic pride, to the parties, the pageantry and obvious true love for the purity of the sport, Calgary is unequaled. Where else can you find a full time marching band who tours for ‘the brand’? Who keeps a matched set of stunning, chestnut and chrome horses for their crack cowgirl drill team? Who’s scoreboard breaks down the bucking horse’s and bull’s individual scores alongside the rider’s as well as the total? Where else is Bob Tallman given the time to educate us about the great animals and humane, intelligent breeding program established by Calgary Stampede? Outside of the PBR, where else does Flint Rasmussen take center stage during each and every performance? Calgary is the only place to find it! But that’s not all.

In Canada, chuckwagon racing is king. Every night after the day’s rodeo performance, the four-horse teams of Thoroughbred racehorses take the stage at the premier event of the year, the $1,000,000 Rangeland Derby. Thirty-six drivers are invited to participate, those drivers each haul teams of about 20 off-track Thoroughbreds who’ve retired from flat racing for various reasons. Most are geldings and all are about the happiest horses you’ll ever meet. Why not? Their lives are perfect for them. Not only do they get to continue do what they love in racing, they get to do it in the company of their friends. It’s a hair-raising thriller every time they thunder onto the track!

Experience Calgary Stampede, but don’t take our word for it! Watch it live streamed for FREE at WranglerNetwork.com or get the user-friendly FREE app.

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