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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo WNFR 2011 Round 7

Bareback champion Kaycee Feild has amazed fans this entire Finals Rodeo. He took his fourth victory lap behind the Boyd Gaming flag after a reride for 85.5 points.

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2011 WNFR Las VegasTwenty four year old Clayton Savage needs to make a trip to the casino tonight! Spur hung up in his rope, caught under the bull, stepped on so many times his vest ripped in two, then jumped up with excitement to celebrate his victorious ride…. If that’s not luck I’m not sure what is. The Cheyenne cowboy rode D&H Cattle’s Early Bird for a score of 85 points. Hats off to our Mandalay Bay bull fighters for turning a potential disaster into just an adrenaline rush for fans.

The top 3 barrel racers are still at the top, but decided to scramble up their scores a bit. Tonight Lindsay Sears and Martha out ran Cervi and Stingray with a 13.56. Sherry clocked a 13.71- faster than her round 5 victory, but not fast enough to take round 6. Pozzi, who placed 3rd again, is still in the lead for the world title by $15k, she has got to place in the next few rounds to keep her spot at the top.

7.6 seemed to be the popular time for the tie-down ropers. A three way tie between Clint Cooper, Tyson Durfey, and Ryan Jarrett put fans on their feet. The win didn’t affect the average too much, but did push Ryan Jarrett to first place in WNFR 2011WNFR earnings. The boys decided to switch it up a bit by riding double on their victory lap: Cooper chose to ride in comfort while Durfey and Jarrett piled on the back for their 1.5 laps around the Thomas and Mack.

Reigning saddle bronc champion of the world finally made his winning 8 second ride in round 7. Taos Muncy spurred the high kicking roan horse of Korkow Rodeos for 86.5 points. The victory ride on Blew Apart bumped Taos up one spot in the average to second and further secured his number one spot in the world.

Going into the 7th round of the Wrangler NFR there were only two teams in the Team Roping that had roped all of the steers they were given. A tragic moment for Turtle Powell and Jhett Johnson who missed their 7th steer tonight; luckily they are still sitting second in the average. Erich Rogers and Kory Koontz stretched one for a much needed “Day Money” victory with a 3.7 second run.

WNFR Performance 4Former college quarterback, Olin Hannum, has had a rough first WNFR. Tonight was the night he has waited for all year- a champion Montana Silversmith buckle in the steer wrestling. A 3.8 second victory will not change his spot in the average, but the winning check will definitely send him into the holidays with a smile.

Bareback champion Kaycee Feild has done nothing but amazed fans this entire Finals Rodeo. He took his fourth victory lap behind the Boyd Gaming flag after a reride for 85.5 points.  Feild has secured his number one spot in the world with a $50k lead on the rest of the pack.

Round 8 kicks off at the Thomas and Mack at 7pm [Vegas time]. Make sure to watch it live on GAC- the exclusive TV broadcaster of the WNFR.

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