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Ten Reasons You Should Buy From Your Local Auction

When it comes to purchasing used heavy equipment, trucks and other industrial assets, many buyers limit themselves to buying in channels that they’re comfortable and/or familiar with: private sellers, dealers and brokers. But there are so many other channels in which buyers can take advantage of like live onsite auctions and online auctions.  For instance, WSM Auctioneers is a local Phoenix auction that consigns and sell heavy equipment, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and much more!

 They offer a huge breadth of equipment, ways to communicate with sellers and safe transactions. Ultimately though, which buying method you choose should be based on your buying needs: price, selection, services and more.

Auctions often answer all those needs, and it’s why tens of thousands of people around the world purchase heavy equipment via this channel each year. Here’s a look at ten reasons to consider local auctions when buying used equipment.

1. Huge selection of equipment from all the major brands

Unlike dealers, auctions, like WSM Auctioneers is not limited to one brand or manufacturer. They offer a neutral ground where there is no bias towards any one maker, so buyers can truly compare and weigh the pros and cons of each machine.

2. Convenient location

To ensure you can compare different brands, heavy equipment and vehicles are well organized to make it easy for you to find what you need. Conveniently, WSM Auctioneers is located in central Phoenix to make it simple for anyone in the valley to come visit. If getting to the physical location proves to be difficult for you, the online auction route will help buyers zero in on equipment in the comfort of their home.

3. No pressure

If equipment is being sold online, reputable auction companies offer industry-recognized equipment condition certification by professional inspectors, allowing you to buy “sight unseen” knowing that what you see in the inspection report is what you get when you receive the equipment.

4. Experienced staff

Auction companies know transparency and honesty are good for business, and will also make sure that all of your questions are answered. Western Sales Management has a full-time staff that includes a Title Clerk, Notaries, Forklift Operators and many yard staff to help assist with all your needs.

5. Convenient bidding options

All buyers have the choice of bidding online or attending a live auction. Online bidding is free when you register and there is a $200 refundable deposit when you attend a live auction. Many local auctions provide different services, but why go anywhere else when you can get what you need online?ca

6. Turn Your Unwanted Items Into Cash

You can do much more than buy and bid at your local auction, you can also sell your unwanted items. Auctions like WSM Auctioneers make it easy for you to sell with them by providing fast payment, quality service, and great visibility for your item.

7. Financing and leasing.

If you’re working with a fixed budget and want to give yourself some breathing room, most auction companies offer flexible financing and leasing options. And unlike banks, which likely don’t understand the value of equipment, may not offer to finance, or require full details of items you haven’t bought yet, equipment auction companies can pre-approve you for 100% financing and tailor plans based on your business needs.

8. Find What You Need Before You Arrive

More often than not, you would hate to show up to an auction just to find out there isn’t anything there that you were looking for. Local auctions have made it easier than ever by posting their catalogs online for you to be able to view inventory before the auction itself.

9. Clear title.

To make sure you’re able to put your purchases to work, reputable auction companies also do the homework for you to ensure clear title. They’ll identify and arrange for the release of any liens or encumbrances on the equipment, ensuring your ownership cannot be contested. If they can’t deliver clear title, they will offer the buyer a full refund of the purchase price.

10. A one-stop shop.

Another advantage of buying at an auction – a variety of equipment types. Chances are your business employs more than just one kind of machine, and requires not just heavy equipment but support and ancillary equipment like trailers, pickup trucks, attachments, and more. You’ll also find these in plentiful supply at auctions. Make sure you consider WSM Auctioneers, your local auction for all of your heavy equipment needs. 


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