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2016 Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, TX

This year’s Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, TX, will be held from June 3rd to June 4th. The annual event is a tribute to the heritage of West Texas and is a way for people to protect our west. The rodeo is a competition between cowboys throughout Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. All competitors are actual cowboys from true, working ranches. The rodeo’s aim is to promote the rich history of the west and acts as the year’s main fundraiser for the Cowboy Club. It’s a great way for people to get involved and help protect our west.
In order to be eligible to participate in the rodeo, ranches must meet a number of qualifications. This is the aspect of the rodeo that makes it particularly special. The Coors Cowboy Club Board and Rodeo Committee will review each ranch to give it consideration. When reviewing the ranches, they’re looking to see if each one meets certain criteria. One of the things they’re looking for – and possibly the most important aspect of the review – is the ranch’s historical significance. Additionally, all participating rodeo ranches have to be working ranches.
The rodeo showcases the events that the cowboys normally participate in daily when on their own ranches. The rodeo is fantastic and unique, particularly because Pete Coors himself is present. There are also scheduled times for dinner and beer.

The rodeo used to be called the Coors Ranch Rodeo. From 1987 to 2007, it was considered the summer’s kick-off event, marking the beginning of a new season. For 20 years, the Reed Family and the Coors from Amarillo directed the rodeo. Today, the Coors Cowboy Club oversees and runs the rodeo with the same dedication as the original rodeo runners.
Coors Banquet supports the Wildland Firefighter Foundation for 2016’s Protect Our West campaign. This year, the Coors Banquet will support the WFF community bigger and better than ever by creating TV and radio spots, plus adding additional PR and media support via the Cowboy Lifestyle Network. The Cowboy Lifestyle Network is the leading online source for all things rodeo. WFF is requesting action videos and photos of fighting fires in order to showcase the intensity and real danger of firefighting work.

Coors Ranch Rodeo 2015

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