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2019 Bullfighters Only Las Vegas Championship

Bullfighters Only are coming back to Las Vegas! That’s right folks, the world’s toughest cowboys are headed back to Sin City to take on the biggest, fastest, most athletic bulls. Come cheer on your favorites as they fight to earn a championship title at the 2019 Bullfighters Only Championship at the Tropicana Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Throw on those boots and get ready for some of the most thrilling action the 2019 NFR has to offer!

Not familiar with Bullfighters Only? Cowboy Lifestyle Network has you covered!

“Bullfighters Only is the world’s premier freestyle bullfighting competition series. Featuring an international roster of elite pros competing against the meanest fighting bulls for the largest purse in bullfighting history. Since its inception, BFO has evolved to become a platform that serves to excite the western community, educate both the avid and casual fans, and present the sport to an entirely new audience” (

Each matchup in the arena has the opportunity to score up to 100 points. With 50 possible points on the line for both bullfighter and bull, the stakes are on to reach the highest total possible. Bullfighters are scored in areas of control, style, difficulty, and creativity. Bulls are scored in areas of aggression, speed, difficulty, staying “hooked up,” and agility. Each match can last up to 60 seconds, however, bullfighters can “declare” any time after 40 seconds without the worry of losing points. Failure to reach the warning horn will end in disqualification.

Credit to Brewer Bull Photos

While audience members are kept on the edge of their seats as these athletes, jump, dodge, and dance around up to 1,500 pounds of charging bull, Bullfighters Only offers much more than a chance for human competitors to display extreme athleticism, it also offers sanctuary for the Toro Bravo Bull, also known as the Spanish Fighting Bull. Typically featured in traditional bullfighting rings in other countries, due to its natural aggression and instinct to charge, the Toro Bravo Bull is celebrated in the BFO arena. Bullfighters Only provide a humane and safe experience for these incredible animal athletes, who are celebrated just as much as their two-legged “dance partners.” Living their full lives in luxury as respected animal athletes, these bulls garner a serious reputation and the admiration of bullfighting competitors and fans alike.

Credit to Brewer Bull Photos

This year, Bullfighters Only will be returning to the Tropicana Las Vegas Resort & Casino, your one-stop-shop for all things NFR. The party runs all week long from December 5th-14th.  Held within a climate-controlled, 100’x215’ tent right on the Vegas Strip, BFO and the Tropicana are bringing the full NFR and Vegas experience to BFO fans. The Tropicana is even offering special room rates for BFO fans. Don’t wait too long and miss out on this amazing deal! Book your room TODAY!

Bullfighters Only CEO Aaron Ferguson states,

“Tropicana Casino and Resort is affordable for people coming to Vegas that time of year. It’s right on The Strip and has easy access to all things rodeo during NFR. Plus, it’s just down the road from the Thomas & Mack Center.”

Bullfighters Only

Check out the full schedule of events below!

            Thursday, December 5th                             Roughy Cup                       

Friday, December 6th                                  Qualifier- Day 1

Saturday, December 7th                                   Qualifier- Day 2

Sunday, December 8th                                      Qualifier Finals

                    Monday, December 9th                                     Preliminary Round- Day

                     Tuesday, December 10th                                   Preliminary Round- Day 2

        Wednesday, December 11th                             Redemption Round

    Thursday, December 12th                           Winners Bracket

   Friday, December 13th                                 Wildcard Round

             Saturday, December 14th                            Championship Round

You can purchase your 2019 Bullfighter’s Only Vegas Championship tickets HERE!

Bullfighters Only

From noon till 2 pm, prior to each BFO performance, fans are invited to throw back a cold one, grab a bite to each, and enjoy live music and games at the BFO Las Vegas: Tailgate Party. At 2pm, head into the BFO tent for jaw-dropping action. The party doesn’t stop there! After the show, from 3:30 pm-6pm, you can head on into Robert Irvine’s for the afterparty, the Hooey Jam. Come meet your BFO heroes as you enjoy live music and food and drink specials.

Bullfighters Only

With the 2019 National Finals Rodeo right around the corner, Cowboy Lifestyle Network and Bullfighters Only are proud to invite you to the 2019 Bullfighters Only Vegas Championship. The competition will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch the best-of-the-best cowboys and bulls dance it out in the Bullfighters Only arena this December 5th-14th.

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

Taryn Cantrell is an Arizona native who has spent many hours in the rodeo arena. Having grown up barrel racing, serving as the 2017 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen and as a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, Taryn is passionate about her western heritage and all things rodeo. When she’s not on horseback, Taryn can be found playing her bass guitar, painting, and performing around Phoenix with her band. Taryn is a graduate of Arizona State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance. Taryn is proud to combine her love of the arts with her love of rodeo and has been honored to sing The National Anthem at various rodeos across the beautiful state of Arizona. Alongside her love for art and music, preserving her western heritage and promoting the sport of rodeo are just two of Taryn’s many passions. Taryn is so honored to share her love of rodeo with Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s wonderful audience.

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