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Meet PBR Bullfighter: Lucas Teodoro

One of the most thrilling and adrenaline rushing events of a rodeo is when they bring out the bulls. When a bull rider falls or jumps off the bull whose there to redirect the bulls attention and fight the bull so the rider can get back to safety? That would be the fearless professional bullfighter Lucas Teodoro. He has come all the way from Brazil!

Teodoro was born and raised in Pinhal, São Paulo, Brazil. At age 13, Teodoro first entered the arena doing practice rounds fighting bulls. Teodoro had met a guy who was a bullfighter who invited him into the arena to fight. At that point Teodoro was starting to learn to ride bulls but this confirmed that fighting bulls was Teodoro’s passion. From that point on Teodoro practiced fighting bulls for 3 years.

The Brazilian Bullfighter performed in his first rodeo at age 16 as a professional bullfighter. After his first rodeo he worked in Brazil for 10 years. Teodoro eventually got into PBR Brazil doing all the events he wanted to do. Teodoro had always dreamt of coming to the United States ever since he was younger. To prepare himself for the United States he started to take English classes. Towards the end of 2012 was when Teodoro came to the United States for the first time. Teodoro first moved to Sunset, TX and currently resides in Terrell, TX which is east of Dallas.

Photo Courtesy of Andre Silva

For 2 years Teodoro would go back and forth staying in the United States for 2 to 3 months then back to Brazil to visit family and to work more events. In 2015 he decided to spend more time in the United States than in Brazil. Having only gone back once or twice to spend some time with family.

Teodoro opened up about how hard it was coming to the United States not knowing a lot of people. Although Teodoro did come to know of a lot of bull riders such as the Brazilian bull riders who would introduce Teodoro to contractors and people he could work for. It took awhile until Teodoro started working but his career finally kicked off and has been great ever since.

“I came here with a goal and a dream to make it to the PBR World Finals and last year I got to go to the World Finals and work that event.”

said Teodoro. Not only has Teodoro worked hard and made his dreams come true but he continues to work hard. Teodoro has recently worked some events this year at the PBR Global Cup in Arlington, TX and PBR Unleash the Beast Tour in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is heading to Wheeling, West Virginia in March and then later onto Casper, Wyoming both are the PBR Velocity Tour.

Teodoro shared some advice for someone starting their career and chasing after their dreams, “Be positive, believe in yourself and if you dream of something put a lot of work into it and believe that you’re able to get where you want to be.” Having faith has also helped Teodoro be where he is today,

“My opinion, you put God first and just put a lot of work into it. That way you’ll be successful and never, never give up.”

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