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Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash
Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash

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How Active Cowboys & Cowgirls Stay in the Game

As we age, our bodies tend to break down. Especially, with active lifestyles and physical trauma cowboys and cowgirls impose on themselves daily, this internal aging is accelerated.  Have you ever stood up and groaned because ‘your joints hurt’ or ‘your body is just sore all over’? So, every time you get bucked off, run into a gate, or hurt that shoulder throwing the rope, remember that tissue, cartilage, and bone can regenerate.  Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine in which Chambers Clinic specializes.

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a field that includes managing hormones and nutrient levels, using peptide therapies, and employing stem cell technology to help rebuild and remodel tissues. Even more importantly, regenerative medicine works on the insides of the cell to improve energy, decrease oxidation, and create an environment that heals the body throughout. Remember when you were a kid and you scraped your knee? It was just a few days later, the scrape was gone, and your own body was able to heal the injury. This is exactly how regenerative medicine works, except at a deeper level and with the power to subtract biological years off, even though chronological years march on.  


Hormones, such as testosterone, generally decrease after the age of 30.  Testosterone, along with other hormones, is a critical part of one’s steroidal cascade, which helps reduce inflammation, improve energy, and decrease healing time.  All hormones are made from cholesterol. When hormones are unable to be created, due to degradation or nutritional deficiencies, cholesterol is upregulated. Many times, as we age, the natural process of higher cholesterol is due to low sex hormones. By repleting sex hormones like testosterone and DHEA in men and women, and estrogen for women, many times, cholesterol will go down to its previous level prior to the aging process.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy has become popular over the last decade, but semiglutide has made peptide therapy more known and common than at any other time.  Semiglutide is known for its ability to reduce blood sugar and help in weight loss.  There are many different peptides to help with many different outcomes such as increasing muscle mass, helping to get leaner, or even reversing hair loss. Chambers Clinic has been successfully using peptide therapy to help its patients to attain a variety of health goals.  


A little-known compound, which is technically a coenzyme, called NAD helps increase energy and healing and is part of the inner workings of all the cells of the body can be infused and is part of the regenerative medicine suite. By working at the cellular level, things like heart disease, and neurodegenerative conditions like dementia and cancer can be more easily avoided due to the energy and healing effects of NAD.  

Active Cowboys & Cowgirls

Chambers Clinic is Here

Chambers Clinic is at the forefront of this field and has been blazing a trail for over a decade as the field of regenerative medicine has grown and improved with volumes of scientific research being constantly produced. We look forward to helping scores of patients for years to come as even more information is available on how we can regenerate our bodies and live more quality and productive lives.  

Chambers Clinic is one of Arizona's largest integrated medical clinics.

The Experts at Chambers Clinic

With a combined, 50+ years of experience the doctors at Chambers Clinic have seen hundreds of cowboys and ranchers and have been able to take them to peak performance and out of pain, all with natural treatments.  Not only do they heal joints, aches, and pain but they are also experts in hormone assessment (low testosterone and menopause) and treatment helping their patients to heal from the inside out.

Chambers Clinic is designed to help you with whatever ailment you have short of a hospital stay. They are there to handle pain and joint issues, neurogenerative problems like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, low testosterone and menopause, Gastrointestinal problems, fatigue syndrome, and even cancer. So, if you’ve been wondering where to go for your health issues, the doctors at Chambers Clinic are there to help.

Chambers Clinic is located in Scottsdale, Arizona at 20801 N Scottsdale Rd., Suite 205 Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

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