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 Getting Social with Farmer Froberg

As a fourth-generation Farmer, Tyler Froberg has brought Froberg Farms into the 21st Century by sharing his stories online. 

Tyler Froberg is a fourth-generation farmer, veteran, and content creator that resides in Alvin, Texas. Who, in just two years, has become a social media sensation with his funny how-to videos and stories about living life on the farm. 

Lindsi: How did you get into farming?

Tyler: I’m a 4th generation farmer on our current property, but my family has been farming in Alvin, Texas since 1899. It started off as a simple 22-acre farm during the World War II era that only grew strawberries. Now we grow fruit and vegetables, and we even have Christmas trees, but strawberries are our primary crop. From 2011-2015, we were the largest strawberry farm in Texas and since Covid, we’re the largest “You-Pick” farm.

Lindsi: You co-host Farming for Dummies, have you noticed a positive response from followers sharing their experiences based on what they learned from y’all?

Tyler: We had a surprisingly positive response on social media. My co-host, Noah Young, and I didn’t necessarily start doing the social media thing because we saw a need, but because we just really like talking shop! Since we started doing this, we’ve met so many cool people! With our podcast, we try not to put ourselves in a corner with our content, we try to change it up a lot in a fun and positive way. In one episode you might hear us talking about growing tomatoes and in the next, we’re interviewing a farrier from the UK. We just try to create entertaining content for a wide variety of people.

Lindsi: What do you hope to accomplish with your platform?

Tyler: I have two goals. The first goal is to entertain and educate people that are outside of the agriculture industry. I want to help people realize that they can grow a garden at home and do things to sustain their family in a fun way. We just launched our online farm store and our second goal is to reach people in the international market with our homegrown goods. 

Lindsi: Any advice for folks planning their spring gardens?

Tyler: Don’t overthink it and start small. Growing food is about small victories! Gardening is not easy, so starting simple and small with attainable goals is the best way to go about it. Also, don’t grow what you don’t eat! If you don’t like tomatoes, then don’t grow tomatoes. Carrots are always a good one to grow, not to mention there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling a carrot out of the ground.

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Froberg has one of the best agriculture social media accounts out there, so those interested in learning how to start home gardens or small-scale farms can check out Tyler and his co-host, Noah’s other account, @farming4dummies.

About Froberg Farms

As Tyler mentioned in his interview, Froberg Farms dates back to World War II when his great grandparents, Fred and Katie Froberg started the strawberry farm on the original 22 acres of the farm. Alfred (Coon), the youngest of Fred and Katie’s children, was on and off the farm in his younger years due to being drafted into the war. When he came home, he and Fred expanded the strawberry farm and also started growing vegetables. 

Credit to Froberg Farms Facebook

The first “farm store” that Froberg Farms had, were two tables built under two of the biggest trees on the farm. In 1960, Coon and his wife took over the operations of the farm, with Fred passing away in 1961 at the age of 82. Coon and his wife, Jo Ann had five children, all of whom helped on the farm as they grew up. In 1978, they built a winter store, which was a huge hit with customers. The farm expanded into baking pies in 1989, when Alfred Jr. married Nina who started making pies and selling them in the store.

In June 2002, Coon passed away at the age of 74, then not too long after, his wife Jo Ann retired leaving their son, Alfred Jr., and Nina in charge. It was in this period of the farm that Alfred Jr. introduced a larger variety of fruits and vegetables. Then because of the growth the farm had seen, a larger farm store was built that opened on April 12, 2003. In 2006, Froberg’s started letting the public pick strawberries, which has become the farm’s biggest attraction and only gets more popular each year. You can learn more about Froberg Farms at

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