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American300 Foundation

CLN highlights The American300 Foundation Tours and The Wrangler National Patriot Program, led by Wrangler Western’s Jeff Chadwick. Learn more here.

American300 Tours WNFR 2013

American300 Tours WNFR 2013

Whether you are in the military or you are the family member of a military professional, you understand fully the sacrifice that is made by these men and women and their families on a daily basis.

The troops are involved in critical missions and activities on a regular basis, and their efforts protect our freedom and rights. Their family members may not see their loved ones for many months on end, and there may be long periods of time when they are not able to communicate with them. The American300 Foundation is designed to both honor and support the troops and their loved ones through a wide range of services.

What Is the American300 Foundation?

CSM Paul Bianco and SSG Shilo Harris with Jeff Chadwick American300 Tours

CSM Paul Bianco and SSG Shilo Harris with Jeff Chadwick American300 Tours

This is a non-profit organization that essentially functions under two main programs, and it is designed to offer charitable support to its members of the organization who have fallen. The American300 Foundation (Tours) supports the military and troops through scheduled tours aimed at educating and motivating troops and their families. This is accomplished through storytelling and other efforts made by Wrangler Western.

The American300 Twenty-Two Fund is another branch of this organization that came together with Warrior Tours in 2010, and it provides families of those who have fallen with financial support. There is also a scholarship fund associated with this branch of the organization. American300 gets its name from Task Forces ‘300’.

“The Mission of American300 is to increase the Resiliency of our American Armed Forces Members, their families and the Communities which they live and operate in.”

The Wrangler National Patriot Program

Wrangler is a popular and established brand of clothing that is primarily known for its Western wear clothes, including jeans, button-downs and so much more.

American300 Tours Volunteers - 2014 PBR World Finals

American300 Tours Volunteers: Command Sergeant Major Paul Bianco, US Army and Wounded Warrior Calvary Scout Staff Sergeant Shilo A Harris with Wrangler Western’s Jeff Chadwick are honored during Professional Bull Riders Finals in Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Gretchen Powers Film & Photo – American300 PAO

Wrangler Western is an American company that is focused on American values, and it is a part of the foundation through the Wrangler National Patriot Program. Through the program, more than $850,000 have been raised to help support the families of fallen soldiers, and the program continues to raise money today. Those who are interested in the program are encouraged to enroll online and to learn more about how they can participate.

Those who are involved in the military actively or as a family of a service member may be looking for a way to support the troops or to find support for them in a time of need. Those who are not involved in the military may want to show their support for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This foundation and its various programs and branches provide you with a great way to get involved through your volunteer efforts or charitable donations. You can begin learning more about this program today to start making a difference.

American300 Tours (Jeff Chadwick)

Mr. Jeff Chadwick (Director of Wrangler National Patriot Tour) with some of the brave US Armed Forces that fight for our freedom day in and day out.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network was touched to see American300 Tours and Wrangler National Patriot at the 2014 PBR World Finals XXI in Las Vegas, Nevada. Director of Wrangler National Patriot Tour and longtime CLN friend, Mr. Jeff Chadwick, did an amazing job recognizing these brave Warriors for their services across seas.

As the Wrangler Western National Finals Rodeo approaches, stay tuned into CLN for additional showcasing of more United States warriors, like LT Chad Eckhardt, U.S. Coast Guard #WranglerNationalPatriot Memorial Day Reunion Tour 2014!
Stay tuned into Cowboy Lifestyle Network for all the latest American300 Tours news and updates!

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