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The Revitalization of the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association

Planting its roots in 1903, the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association (ACGA) was created by a group of concerned cattlemen that wanted to help promote structure and growth in the Arizona cattle industry. Their main goal back then was to create orderly, systematic laws that would protect livestock and property. Little did they know that the work they put in would provide a foundation for what the organization is achieving today. The main goal today for the ACGA is to be a grassroots non-profit association that represents, protects, promotes, and sustains an atmosphere conducive to profitable ranching for Arizona cow/calf producers.

President of ACGA Mike Gannuscio with Sonny and Barbara Shores, owners of the Willcox Livestock Auction Inc. in Willcox, AZ at the fourth rollover auction of the year. Credit to the ACGA.

You might be wondering what kind of revitalization a group like this could possibly go through. As with any organization that has been around for 119 years, there are times when things go smoothly and times when they don’t. Over the last several years the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association has met with challenges and internal struggles, indicating a need for a comprehensive re-organization and change in leadership. With a new Executive Committee and Board of Directors in place, ACGA leadership has worked diligently to review and improve the processes, policies, and structure of the Association to more effectively serve the cow/calf producers in Arizona. The hard work has paid off. By streamlining procedures and prioritizing goals, ACGA is back in full swing and solely focused on the needs of the Arizona beef cattle industry. As one member recently stated, “We’re not just coming back, we’re coming roaring back!”

Because the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations from partnerships that help the association operate, host events, and give back to its members. One of those partners is CKP Insurance. While having been involved with the organization for several years, CKP Insurance is thrilled to be a part of the revitalization of the Arizona cattle industry.

Chuck Hemphill, the President of CKP Insurance, presented a $50,000 donation check to ACGA. Credit to CKP Insurance.

The mission of the ACGA is this,

At Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association we protect, promote, and sustain Arizona cattle ranching for present and future generations through grassroots advocacy, policy formation, and education.

 ACGA members at the Winter Meeting held on February 18, 2022, to hear ACGA President Mike Gannuscio’s opening address. Credit to the ACGA.

This is a state organization, so within the main organization, there are several county chapters that operate within their area. As a whole, the ACGA promotes and performs the following responsibilities:

  • Federal and state legislative lobbying, propose and review legislation, and advocate for or against legislation depending on if it is in the membership’s best interest.
  • Perform public relations activities that will promote the ranching and cattle industry’s image and heritage.
  • Build positive relationships with key individuals, media, agencies, consumers, schools, and others important to ranching and the cattle industry.
  • Initiate, enter into, defend, or prepare a response to litigation as needed.
  • Consistently provide timely and accurate information to the membership.
  • Provide opportunities for members to become educated on issues of importance.
  • Maintain an informed membership base
  • Build alliances with common interest groups.
ACGA Member Darcy Ely, Communications Director of ACGA Ali Schindler, President of ACGA Mike Gannuscio, ACGA Member At Large Ben Menges, Lobbyist of ACGA Jeff Eisenberg, and ACGA 1st VP Jared Lyman at the AZ Senate after three of ACGA bills passed in the Senate committee hearings. Credit to the ACGA.

Upcoming ACGA Events

Annual Summer Convention

Theme: Building A Legacy | Come out and enjoy a weekend in the cooler weather, July 20-23, 2022. The ACGA Summer Convention will be taking place at the Prescott Resort. See their website for registration details.

Attendees Will Enjoy

  • Tradeshow
  • Award presentation 
  • Membership meeting 
  • Auction 
  • AM and PM Committee Meetings
  • Friday Dinner and Dance
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Ranchers Advocacy Fundraiser
  • Children will enjoy corn hole, roping dummies, and other yard games. 

Photo Contest

Once again ACGA will be holding the annual photo contest at the Summer Convention. They invite you all to submit a photo to the contest – by messaging the photos to Cattle Growers’ on Facebook or emailing them. For more information email ACGA Staff at

Tradeshow and Sponsorship Information

Thanks to the support of businesses around the state the Summer Convention is affordable! They want to invite your business to participate in the tradeshow and sponsor the convention. Please contact ACGA Staff at for more information.

Credit to the ACGA.

Rancher’s Advocacy Fundraiser

This sub-committee works with government agencies and other entities to stand with ranchers to protect and promote ranching for future generations. The raffle drawing will be held at the Summer Convention in Prescott, July 20 – 23, 2022. You can find more information on raffle tickets on their website or purchase them online.

Credit to the ACGA.

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