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Cowboy Athletes: Milk vs. Soda?

Arizona Milk Producers support young cowboys by providing them with milk for healthy strong bones. Kids remember, high fructose fruit drinks don’t cut it.

Top Tier Winners of the Sport, Have No Choice But to Drink Milk

Youth Cowboy Athletes

Cowboy athletes need high quality protein with carbohydrate, potassium and fluid to stay their best.

The brave athletes who compete in the sport of rodeo are always searching for the best ways to improve themselves so that they can be stronger in order to ride better and longer. Yet, how do athletes participating in dangerous sports, such as bull riding, not break their bones as soon as they get trampled or bucked off a bull once they hit the ground? Surely, soda is not the answer because their bones would break as soon as they hit the ground. Therefore, these young cowboy athletes have no choice but to drink milk and consume dairy products on a daily basis.
I mean lets be honest, these high fructose fruit drinks filled with sugar, such as, soda do not help with the recovery process. Certainly they don’t help make bones strong, so lets go back to the basics. For example, people don’t add sugary drinks in their cereal in the morning; instead, we all add milk in it for a very special reason. When our dads were growing up they didn’t have high fructose beverages like they do today. Its no secret, all young guys want to grow up and be just as strong or stronger than our dads, so that is why we must understand the importance of milk.
According to the Dairy Council of Arizona, “Low fat and fat free milk and chocolate milk contain high quality protein along with carbohydrate, potassium and fluid to help refuel and rehydrate after a workout. There’s also calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous and magnesium for strong bones. And they’re easy to obtain, inexpensive and delicious.”
Young Bull Riders Dakota Madsen and Clancy Hart

Young Bull Riders Dakota Madsen and Clancy Hart

As you watch the video, we find that Arizona Milk Producers support young cowboys by providing them with milk to keep their bones strong and healthy. At the same time, they are in turn giving these young cowboys the educational tools they need to give them a better understanding and a valid reason to drink milk.
Cowboy Lifestyle Network caught up with Young Bull Rider, Dakota Madsen, during the National Finals Rodeo at the PBR College (Jr. Bull Riding Event) outside of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada:
Cowboy AthletesAaron Kuhl: “Why do you drink milk Dakota?”
Dakota Madsen: “I like to drink milk because it keeps my bones strong, so I can ride longer and have a better career.”
As you can see, when Dakota Madsen isn’t riding those fierce bulls in the arena, he is drinking delicious milk any chance he gets because he knows if he doesn’t he is more susceptible to having weaker bones, which would result in having more injuries and a much shorter career.
Special thanks to the Dairy Council of Arizona, Arizona Milk Producers, and all of the farmers who work day in and day out in Arizona Dairy Farms. As we are thankful for everything they do so we can all get the necessary nutrition we need in order to be healthy and have strong bones.
Don’t forget to click on, hang on, and drink milk!

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