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Barns Hacks Every Horse Person Needs to Know

If you’re a horse person of any kind, at some point in time you’ve used something for horses that wasn’t created for them specifically. Today we will be jumping into some really easy and readily available barn hacks you can start using in your barn today!

Baling Twine

You ain’t no cowboy/girl if you don’t have STACKS of baling twine laying around your barn. Thankfully, it comes in handy for tying gates, makeshift halters, leads, leashes, and so many other things but the specific hack we want to share with you today is a little more ingenious if you ask me. If your horse tends to get really sweaty in the bony areas, like hips and shoulders, then this hack is for you. Essentially you’re going to use it as a sweat scraper. You just need to pull it tight and run it over the sweaty areas on your horse. It’s coarse enough to get the sweat off yet flexible enough that it goes over the boney areas just fine.

Curtain Rods

This may seem like an obvious hack but curtain rods can be used for so much more than just hanging curtains in your barn! Do you have a pile of saddle blankets or winter blankets that chill in a corner somewhere in your barn because you don’t have room for them? Hang them up! Another good option here for winter blankets would be wall hooks, but heavy-duty curtain rods work just as well! Drape the blankets over it so they can air out better and can be stored that way too.

Door Hangers

Whether it’s a stall or an arena, chances are you have put your halter and lead rope on the ground because it won’t stay draped over the fence. We have a pretty great hack for this, a simple over the door hanger works perfectly to keep everything off the ground and tidy on the rail! You can buy them pretty cheap at your local dollar store, where they are usually five or six metal hooks coated in white or black rubber.  Just slip it over the fence, add a few screws to make sure it’s stable, and you have a new halter/bridle hanger!


Do you have a horse that is just a chewer? Well, you can buy special stuff to spray on whatever they are chewing on OR this solution is simple. All you have to do is rub a bar of soap over it, it tastes awful to them but it won’t hurt them or anything, just make it unappetizing!

Do you have a barn hack you want us to know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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