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Western Home Trends for 2021

Home decorating fads are constantly going in and out of style. If you have been having a hard time keeping up with the ongoing changes in design trends, you are not alone! For this very reason, we are excited to jump into some of the biggest western home trends of 2021. Don’t worry- you can keep your John Wayne poster framed in the family room- here are just a few simple ways to bring your house up to date while maintaining the dearly beloved western look.

Country Chic Accents

The cowboy ambiance is undeniably unique, especially when combined with the fads of contemporary homes. However, the fun farmhouse look is officially on its way out as a new vibe takes the spotlight- country chic. It takes on a cleaner look, with less clutter and more emphasis on particular accents.

Bold Pillows

As whites and grays begin to phase out, neutrals are on their way back with pops of color. Bold throw pillows, vibrant vases, and boisterous art are all just a few ways to achieve this up-and-coming look.

Wood Accents

Another vogue that has become more recently popular is light-colored wood. Whether it be a mantle over the fireplace or a new set of cabinets, investing in maple accents is a quick way to bring more light into your home while spicing up the western feel. When paired with a popular neutral palette and black or steel appliances, the light wood creates a warm atmosphere while bringing out the boldness of any darker colors.

Cactus & Succulents

Bring a little piece of nature into your house with plants! From full-size cactus in the entryway to simple succulents on the coffee table, there are endless ways to bring a vibrant and refreshing vibe to your home, all while bringing an additional element of the west.


We all want to come home to relax after a long working day, especially on a ranch or farm. One perk of the trend of simplicity is exactly that. Walls are cleared of clutter while eye-catching art and vintage pieces get more attention, encouraging relaxation. It is highly recommended to choose minimal wall accents that fall within the same color palette in order to reach the official country chic look.

Upgraded Fixtures

One of the quickest and easiest ways to update your home is upgrading to new light fixtures. Modern lamps paired with southwestern decorations, or southern chandeliers with contemporary wall art. There are endless combinations to be made with the new lighting in your home.

Have fun vamping up your interior design, and stay tuned in the meantime for more western home trends!

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Having been raised around the family ranch in Reno, Nevada, Kennadee Riggs was instilled with a passion for preserving the western way of life at an early age. She grew up under Arizona skies competing horseback while developing a deep love for everything equine. She enjoys promoting cowboy lifestyle as the 2022 Miss Rodeo Arizona. As a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation she spends much of her time volunteering at charities and educating the public on western heritage . Recently, she served as a missionary for her church in Brazil and Oklahoma, all while spreading her love of the western lifestyle in those places along the way. As she works toward pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcasting she feels privileged to be a part of the Cowboy Lifestyle Network team, spreading good news and enthusiasm for our cowboy bloodlines.

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