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Western Small Business Feature: BeachCandy Swimwear

What started as a local custom swimsuit shop on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California has since become a trusted swimwear brand that women around the world turn to for confidence and American-made quality. BeachCandy Swimwear was founded in 2011 and is owned by Brit B. In BeachCandy’s first year of business, the company was voted as Editor’s Pick in Sports Illustrated.

BeachCandy’s lengthy experience designing custom swimwear for women in California gave great insight into what real everyday women wanted most from a swimsuit. What Brit found was that the most important things to women overall were comfort, coverage, and support. The BeachCandy store closed in 2020 to move the brand online and all the custom swim feedback over the years has directly developed the famous fit collection they sell today. This transition to an exclusively online platform allows their unparalleled products to reach as many women as possible.

“We make mature, beautiful women feel spectacular in a swimsuit by addressing the problems so many women have with swimwear,” Brit explained. “After learning what women wanted from a swimsuit for over ten years, we put together a collection of our most popular styles women requested; and every style on the website was named after the women who initially inspired the design.”

While the company no longer designs custom suits, Brit explained that conversations with women in the fitting room are crucial in continuing the journey to help women feel comfortable and sexy in their own bodies through swimwear.

“Having women go from feeling defeated by “swimsuit shopping” to excited for their trip and already thinking about their next BeachCandy because nothing they owned could compare, was always so rewarding. Transforming women’s emotional and psychological experience with swimwear reinforced our brand’s mission every day.”

Not only do BeachCandy swimsuits address the most common issues, but BeachCandy has become recognized worldwide for the highest quality with each of its products. One of the biggest challenges Brit and the team tackle every day is digitally showcasing BeachCandy Swimwear through a computer screen or cell phone and how to effectively illustrate (without touch/feel) how different a BeachCandy swimsuit is from fast fashion and the swimsuit industry at large.

“At BeachCandy, we have been told time and time again, that no swimsuit can compare. You have never felt a suit so thick and supportive; that’s for sure,” Brit said. “Once a woman tries on a BeachCandy, you instantly feel the difference our attention to every detail makes.”

In the summer of 2021, Ryan Arthur, Brit’s husband had the chance to work on avid horseman Chris Cox’s ranch in Wyoming. Brit would spend the weeks with her family in Wyoming and weekends with her husband on the ranch. All thanks to the Cox family welcoming her to the ranch each weekend, Brit was able to truly experience the western lifestyle in a way she never had before.

“Spending the summer with the Chris Cox family was the time of our life,” Brit said. “I was inspired daily by every aspect of the cowboy life — from the discipline of waking up at 4 a.m. handling the ranch, to the detail that went into tying a saddle on a horse correctly, down to how they cared for the horse. I don’t think my husband or I will ever be the same. Witnessing the authentic cowboy lifestyle made a lifelong impact on our lives and our hearts.”

Brit’s fascination with horsemanship, ranching, and the cowboy lifestyle led to her designing the BeachCandy Ranch Collection while in Wyoming experiencing this world that was new to her and her family. Their Spring ‘22 collection includes sleek supportive swimsuits made of soft stretch twill denim, thick swim-suede, and locally hand-beaded with real turquoise./p>

“We just launched the MAHALO, a zipper long sleeve one-piece that has a beautiful yoke in the back as a nod to the classic lines in western wear. But, I would genuinely like to dedicate this collection to the Chris Cox family as their hospitality and altruism are the real inspiration behind BeachCandy Ranch.”

The iconic BeachCandy style loved by women worldwide for over a decade is focused on quality with every detail. The ‘Candy’ of BeachCandy was originally coined by the Swarovski beading that is the signature to adorning these swimsuits.

“Our signature Swarovski beading is made locally. Everything is made here in America and here in California, actually,” Brit explained. “I always thought years ago that swimsuits looked a little plain and not as celebratory as they should be for the female body. So, when I started designing our swimsuits, not only did I design suits that supported and created a beautiful bust line and a nice hip line, but then I adorned those beautiful parts of the female body with crystals that took it to a level I will never get over. It’s just enough subtle sparkle to say, ‘Hey, I matter. I’m worthy. I’m beautiful. I’m confident.’”

Brit’s favorite, go-to swimsuit is the RACHEL top, which is an incredibly supportive halter top (A-E cup) with a Swarovski crystal slider, and either the CATIE tie side or LILY Swarovski hipster bottom. She always brings their MARIA sarong as her go-to compact, comfortable cover-up look.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune spinal disease in 2021, her time on the ranch gave her time to dig deeper into her own holistic health, wellness, and anti-inflammatory nutrition. After a year of study and working to reverse her own health, Brit took it upon herself to develop an initiative that teaches other women what she has learned about wellness in the process. BeachCandy’s Wellness for Women initiative is meant to bring awareness to a holistic approach to wellness and healing for women.

“This is just the first step and I’m not sure where we will take this, but the response we’re getting is overwhelming from women who are interested in learning more about holistic health as a lifestyle.”

If Brit could say only one thing to any woman interested in BeachCandy Swimwear it would be that all women deserve to experience thick supportive swimwear, built to last season after season, that lets you enjoy and feel worthy poolside.

BeachCandy is very passionate about the belief that every woman deserves to feel confident in a swimsuit throughout her lifetime, not just as a teenager or in their early years. To check out BeachCandy Swimwear, visit or connect on social media./p>

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