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Behind the Chutes: Industry News & Updates for June

Welcome to Behind the Chutes, a new monthly series that will be your all-in-one place to get your western industry news and updates! In this series, I hope to cover Pro Rodeo athlete updates, standings, events news and so much more!

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Rodeo Updates

Rocker Steiner Announced Winner of Darby Riggin Rally and New Rodeo Record

This was weekend was the long-awaited Dary Riggin Rally, held in Darby Montana. A couple of years ago, the Steiner family had the novel idea to produce an event strictly for bareback riders, which was unheard of. Now a regularly occurring event, Riggin Rally gives an opportunity to bareback riders and horses to show up and do what they do best. This last weekend, we saw Rocker Steiner steal the Riggin Rally win with a record-breaking 95-point ride on good ole Virgil. In case you didn’t know, a 95-point ride is the highest-scored ride we have ever seen in the history of the sport. Read the full release here.

NFR Breakaway Championships Relocating to the South Point Hotel & Casino for 2022

We were all rooting for the NFR to finally bring in breakaway for the performances, but unfortunately, that won’t be happening this year. It does get a little better though, you can expect to find the NFR World Champion Breakaway Ropers competing at the South Point Hotel and Casino on November 29 & 30th, 2022. This sets this event up to take place just a couple of days prior to the NFR kicking off whereas last year, it was held concurrently with the NFR itself. It will be interesting to check out the new format and if you have any thoughts on this, make sure to drop them below and read the full release here.

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PRCA Rodeo Athlete & Standings Updates

This summer is going to be a huge run for most athletes. With the cost of fuel, athletes are having to pick and choose which events they want to go to. It would be interesting to get an inside perspective on how they pick which rodeos to go to. I know for a fact, that they don’t have that chance as they will attend any event that gets them closer to the NFR. The regular PRCA season ends September 30th, which means the 2023 season will actually start in October. Standings pulled on 6/21/2022.

  • All Around: Being led by Stetson Wright with $219,442.45. Your other top five leaders include 2. Zack Jongbloed, 3. Rhen Richard, 4. Paul David Tierney holds fourth and Taylor Santos holds fifth in the all-around standings.
  • Bareback Riding: Jess “The Pope” is leading the bareback standings with $112,177.03. Clayton Biglow brings up the number two spot with $68,590.30 and Cole Reiner in third with $68,339.48 in earnings. Tanner Aus and Tim O’Connell are closing the gap in the number four and five positions.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding: Sage Newman still holds the lead for saddle bronc with $132,399.64 in earnings. Stetson Wright is in the number two spot with $109,989.30. Your other top five competitors are 3. Brody Cress with $109,679.78, 4. Wyatt Casper with $82,856.06 and 5. Ryder Wright with $74,928.54.
  • Bull Riding: Stetson Wright is holding a solid front lead with $182,475.66 in earnings. In the number two spot, we have Josh Frost with $125,782.93, 3. Sage Kimzey with $115,633.09, 4. Roscoe Jarboe with $76,813.25, and Jeff Askey with $75,372.06.
  • Steer Wrestling: Hunter Cure has been leading the steer wrestling pack with $75,506.24 but Tyler Waguespack is closing Hunter’s lead in second place with $67,467.78. Your other top steer wrestlers are 3. Tristan Martin, 4. J.D. Struxness, and 5. Dirk Tavener.
  • Team Roping: On the heading side, Kaleb Driggers is holding the number one spot with $84,049.98 and Junior Nogueria on the heeling side with $84,049.98. Your other top five teams are 2. Tryan/Long, 3. Ward/Hawkins, 4. Aguilera/Torres, and 5. Snow/Thorp.
  • Tie Down: Let’s hear it for John Douch! He is in the lead for the tie-down standings with a solid $97,203.86. Shad “money” Mayfield is holding 2nd place with $77,929.96 with Tyler Milligan right behind him with $73,069.75. Tuf Cooper is in the number four spot with $67,266.90. Your number five tie-down roper is Marty Yates with $63,382.56.

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