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So You Want to Date a Cowgirl

Dating a cowgirl has its perks: she’s independent, outgoing, and isn’t afraid to work. She might even look good in some Wrangler jeans. She has qualities most strive for and brings light and joy to anyone’s life. But there are some things an eager cowboy should consider before committing. 

She’ll love her horse more than you.

That’s just a fact. Most cowgirls spend most waking moments with their horse (let’s be honest, that’s probably horse-S). If you want to spend time with her, you should probably just join her in the barn. Her horse has been there for her through thick and thin. She has probably cried on his shoulder a time or two. They have a relationship stronger than most marriages. If you want to get on her good side, get on the horse’s good side.

If she puts her mind to it, she’ll get it done.

This lady can do most things the cowboys do, and she’ll probably do it better because she is detail-oriented. She is dedicated to her work and will think it through before starting the job, a quality some cowboys miss. Unlike the boys, forethought helps her do the job and do it well.

She does it all.

Seriously. Sure, she rides her horses, but she also keeps the barn in immaculate order, ensures the animals are fed and watered, and then goes into the house and keeps it clean. And then she cooks up a mean meal for the working crew, friends, and family. She makes sure everyone has what they need (husband, children, animals, etc.), which is a job all in itself, and then she gets to work on her own needs and dreams. 

She is committed to her dreams.

You want to talk about stubbornness. These ladies are that and more. But in the best way possible. Once she decides she will do something (make a barrel race, practice her roping, break out a colt, or some other wild brain scheme), she will get it done. There will be obstacles, and it will feel like the world is pulling her away from her goals, but that stubborn streak won’t let her quit. That tough horse that everyone says is just trouble will get the overhaul a cowgirl promises.

She is emotional but also tough. 

Many a cowgirl has put on a tough face in challenging situations, but many of them do have emotions underneath that exterior. It’s a tricky situation for the gentleman that tries to woo this one because he’ll need to acknowledge that she is tougher than most but still needs a hug and a good cry every now and then.

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