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Benefits of Equine Massage

Thanks for tuning in today! Have you ever heard of equine massage? Well today, we have an expert who has been servicing our four legged friends for quite some time. If you’re interested in a new career or have thought about getting a massage for your own horse, this is the article for you. Let’s dig in!

CLN: Can you give our audience a brief introduction to yourself and your company? (Background, about you, and what your current title/role is).

Ashlee: My name is Ashlee Kuppens and I own Tranquil Spirit Holistic Therapies. I have owned and operated an Equine Massage Business for just over 7 years. My focus has always been to help horses and increase their performance while focusing on creating a calming and healing atmosphere.

CLN: In your own words, describe the benefits of equine massage?

Ashlee: Equine Massage Therapy can benefit a horse in a multitude of ways. Often times we think of massage as relaxing and a luxury but it is a benefit to all aspects of the horses well being. With massage one will notice an increase in flexibility, improved performance and faster healing durations. Massage can also help reduce stress and help establish a comfortable and smoother transition for horses who have been abused, neglected or are over coming training blocks. Massage Therapy stretches from the horses mind into the fibers of their muscles.

CLN: How did you become a massage therapist?

Ashlee: I always was fond of holistic treatments being an athlete myself for many years. As I started to enter the performance world with equestrian athletes I saw a lack of holistic preventive care. I wanted to blend the world of holistic care and equestrian athletes making a seamless transition to add to ones performance schedule. It was as if my soul was being pulled to expand an industry that was just barely on its feet. I traveled to Carmel, California and took my first certification for Equine Massage Therapy. Since then I have expanded my knowledge over the years and obtained my Licensed in Massage Therapy from the State of Arizona and completed other Equine Certifications.

CLN: What your process when you first start working on a new horse?

Ashlee: When first evaluating a horse I will address and palpate the horse’s entire body while discussing any discomfort the owner has seen in the horse. After the sore areas are taking into account, I go to my tool box and grab any essential oils that may benefit the horses current status. Each horse will then get to choose their aroma therapy option. These oils can create a calming and relaxing effect before engaging in any massage techniques. Once this step is complete the full body session will begin.

CLN: What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Ashlee: My favorite thing about my job is watching the transition for both horse and rider. I get to see a shift from discomfort to relaxation. Building relationships with horses and their owners really drives me to be the best I can be. I have just as strong of relationships with horses as I do with the people.

CLN: What kind of horse athletes benefit the most from equine massage? (ie discipline and breed)

Ashlee: Each discipline asks for different skills from horses and most times we see a certain breed that is better suited for that specific type of riding. These disciplines engaged different muscles and create different states of mind for each horse. All equine athletes benefit from massage but if I had to choose a specific type of athlete that may benefit the most from massage it would be mounted patrol horses or ranch horses. Mounted Patrol Horses are expected to have the best stamina to control a crowd but also have the mental stress of staying in control through fireworks, crowds, loud music, and even sometimes physical threats. Massage allows them to enter a state of tranquility for their mind and a sense of relaxation for their muscles. Increase blood flow and allowing blocked energy to move through their body reduce the effects of stress. Ranch horses also never get a day off. They are expected to help ranchers and farms care for livestock or produce food that feeds the land. They care for calves and carry their ranchers over vast mountains and rangelands. Often times they too must be mentally strong and have physical stamina like no other horse. Massage allows them to be free of work that he does for the people and allows him to have relaxed muscles to be prepped for his next day of work ahead.

CLN: Do you have any closing thoughts about equine massage or your business that you’d like our audience to know?

Ashlee: Massage is not a luxury, often times it can become a necessity. It can transform horses that are the best and the horses that are just trying to do their best. Massage will help establish a calm soul and a flexible body. I chose the name Tranquil Spirit because that is what my focus has always been. To create a safe and relaxing environment for both the horse and rider. One where we can come together to help achieve performance goals for you or your horse.

Thank you Ashlee for sharing a little bit more about equine massage and your passion for it! We can’t wait bring you more interview articles just like this one. Have a topic you want to see on our website? Shoot us an email!

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