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Road to the Horse 2021

Road to the Horse 2021 is the world championship of colt starting. Typically held in Lexington, Kentucky, select trainers will have the chance to get an untouched colt from the 6666 Ranch in Texas. We say typically because this year’s event will be held in Fort Worth, Texas for the first time since 2003. Over the course of the three days, you can watch the competitors work and train these young horses. Coming up March 25-28, six of the most talented horsemen and women will showcase their passion and skills to hopefully win the Road to the Horse Championship.

There are three trainers selected to compete in the show, and three wild card competitors. The main challengers are Wade Black, Craig Cameron, and Ken McNabb. All proven worthy of the coveted selections. The wild cards are Wylene Davis, Cole Cameron, and Craig Moore. The father-son showdown against Craig and Cole Cameron should be an interesting twist. You can read more about each competitor at Whoever wins this title will go down in history with some of the legends of horse training including Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, and Stacy Westfall.

Fans can look forward to an incredible tribute to western culture. This competition encompasses so much of what that culture is all about. The determination and resilience of horse trainers as a whole is one to be admired. Road to the Horse showcases them in a way they deserve. Youโ€™ll get to see them at the very beginning of the process and watch them develop each of their horses in their own style of training.


Thursday, March 25
Meet The Remuda & Wild Card Clinic Day
1:30PM:  Doors open to Roadies
1:45PM:  Doors open to Public
2:00PM:  Clinic | Craig Moore
2:30PM:  Clinic | Cole Cameron
3:00PM:  Clinic | Wylene Davis
3:30PM:   Introduction to Liberty Clinic & Demonstration
4:30PM:  Meet the Remuda

Friday, March 26
RTTH Logo Wear Day โ€“ Wear your RTTH swag for a chance to win!
8:00AM:  Doors open to Roadies
8:15AM:  Doors open to Public
8:30AM:  Clinic | Wade Black
9:00AM:  Opening Ceremonies | Running of the Remuda
11:00AM: Wild Card |Round 1
1:30PM:   Championship | Round 1

Saturday, March 27
Patriotic Day โ€“ Wear your red, white, and blue for a chance to win!
8:00AM:  Doors open to Roadies
8:15AM:  Doors open to Public
8:30AM:  Clinic | Craig Cameron
9:00AM:  Clinic | Ken McNabb
9:30AM:  Opening Ceremonies
11:00AM:  Wild Card | Round 2
1:30PM:   Championship | Round 2

Sunday, March 28
Sign Day โ€“ Support your favorite Competitor or Wild Card and you can win!
8:00AM:   Doors open to Roadies
8:15AM:   Doors open to Public
8:30AM:   Cowboy Church
9:15AM:   Opening Ceremonies
9:45AM:   Wild Card | Obstacles
1:00PM:   Championship | Obstacles
4:30PM:   Awards


Road to the Horse 2021 Texas tickets are sold out. Can I still purchase tickets?

Yes. Weโ€™re excited to announce that local regulations have permitted a small expansion in the capacity of the Cowtown Coliseum for Road to the Horse 2021. This local amendment has resulted in a limited number of additional General Admission tickets that will be available, starting on Friday February 12. Purchase tickets here. 

Will there be a live webcast of Road to the Horse 2021?

We are currently exploring options and more information will be available shortly. Stay tuned!

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can purchase?

Yes. Our usual policy applies. Fans may purchase up to (8) Road to the Horse 2021 tickets for Texas.

Tickets are on sale now for Road to the Horse 2020. You can even become a โ€œRoadie Memberโ€ which means you get some special perks for Road to the Horse fans. Roadie members have the ability to buy their tickets early, obtain Legacy Seats that allow them to keep the same seats year after year, special discounts on merchandise, early entry into the event, and special close parking. For more information and tickets go to

Does one ticket cover all 4 days of Road to the Horse action?

Yes. One ticket will cover all 4 days of action from Thursday March 25 to Sunday March 28, 2021. A detailed event schedule will be released shortly.

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