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Bolin Guitars Supports the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation created to assist firefighters and the families of firefighters injured or killed while battling grass and forest fires.

Protect Our West Wildland-Firefighter-Foundation-(FI)


Coors Banquet and CLN support the WFF

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation, created to assist firefighters and the families of firefighters injured or killed while battling grass and forest fires, is helping to โ€œProtect Our Westโ€ any chance it gets. A simple contact and/or request and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is there to help, whether it be in the form of cash, transportation, lodging, living expenses, or bringing home the body of a loved one. Within 24 hours or less of any incident, victims receive assistance immediately without requirements to fill out paperwork or be reviewed by a committee.

Artist, longtime smoke jumper, and veteran trainer at the National Interagency Fire Center, Scott Anderson, is a recipient of Wildland Firefighter Foundation funding. Anderson knows the lengths to which their assistance helps like during the time when he battled leukemia. Because of this, John Bolin, who has built guitars for all sorts of popular musicians including Steve Miller, Bo Didley, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and many more, asked Scott Anderson to help design the one-of-a-kind Firecaster Guitar, inspired by the famous Fender Telecaster. Undoubtedly, Anderson was honored to collaborate on the project.

Bolin Firecaster Guitar

Bolin Firecaster Guitar

Initially, famed musician Steve Miller commissioned John Bolin to build this guitar as a tribute and way to help promote the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. Without the 1650 Wildland firefighters who battled the tragic 18,000-acre Castle Rock Fire near Sun Valley, Idaho for 21 days, Steve Miller and the surrounding community would have lost their home as well as many other things.

This aftermath is what inspired Miller to contact Bolin for the creation of the Bolin Firecaster Guitar that is now being played by musicians around the world who support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.
Along with the vision of Steve Miller, John Bolin, and Scott Anderson, the Cowboy Lifestyle Network agrees that the Bolin Firecaster Guitar is guaranteed to make history.
CLN has great admiration for these men who โ€œProtect Our Westโ€ and is pleased to bring you the latest news on the many ways the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is available to our community of firefighters and their families.

If you are a musician or someone who would just like to know more about how you can support the WFF through the Bolin Firecaster Guitar today, visit this website.

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