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Brit West Fashion Update 2015

Fashion artist Brit West is continually rising to the next level as the award winning artist releases brand new jaw-dropping looks. Learn about it here.

Fashion artist Brit West is continually rising to the next level. Not only has the Brit West brand been published in several magazines and online articles, she recently won the People’s Choice Award at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Brit West competed against twenty-five other artists at this event and superlatively, all of her hard work paid off. Brit told the Cowboy Lifestyle Network that she had been designing her pieces for over three months, working seventeen hour days. Clearly, this lady is truly passionate about her work!
Brit-West--Fall-2015-CLN-(3)With the help of another seamstress, Brit West was able to create eight dresses to enter into the Western Design Conference competition, which were a complete look from head to toe. These new dresses and skirts were made of authentic Italian silk, designed in short or full length, with beautiful 24-inch fringe flowing from the bottoms. They were often accompanied by her deerskin jackets and vests, vintage leather belts, real turquoise jewelry, and always her unique Brit West Panama cowgirl hats. Her biggest challenge during the creativity process was having the right sewing machines and keeping the supplies stocked. Whatever the hurdles may have been, it is clear that Brit West overcame every one of them, naturally and with style.
Brit West Style Something about a girl in a truck with dogs 2015 CLNOne thing people may not know about Brit West is that she is not only the visionary and creator of all her products but also the inventor and producer of all her marketing and print ads, right down to the makeup and photography. She is regularly recognized for her outstanding abilities to produce such work. Consequently, Brit has decided to expand her business to create an avenue where other businesses can hire her to help produce their print and marketing campaigns. She plans to help them build brand awareness and even be hands-on with their photo shoots.
As always, Brit West offers jaw-dropping fashion looks all the way from hats, down to the boots. As Brit would say it, “The only thing we don’t sell is socks…yet.” For a completely custom design, or to purchase any of her quality fashion wear, visit her website here or click here to be one of the first to own one of the new Italian silk Brit West skirts.

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