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Wrangler Premium Performance Cool Vantage Jeans

The innovative Wrangler Performance Cool Vantage Jeans which can tackle the toughest work with modern flair. It is known as the “New Innovation of Comfort”.

Wrangler-Western-Premium-Performance-Cool-Vantage-Jeans-Male-Worker-2015Round β€˜em up and move β€˜em out! That was the cry from the days of the Wild West when cattle freely roamed the range, bringing to mind an image of cowboys doing hot, dusty and tough work.
Today, there are still plenty of men doing equally difficult work that requires rugged clothing able to withstand strenuous activity.
Enter the innovative Wrangler Performance Cool Vantage Jeans which can tackle the toughest work with modern flair. It is known as the “New Innovation of Comfort”.

Reputation for Durability and Performance

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Wrangler is known for producing jeans that have a reputation for durability and high-performance during the most strenuous activities. Now the company has developed breakthrough apparel that offers premium performance and durability. The Wrangler Premium Performance Cool Vantage Jeans handle rugged activity in three ways.
1. The iconic Wrangler Western bootcut jeans are made with wicking denim that keeps the body cool and dry.
2. The denim in Cool Vantage Jeans is designed to last twice as long as other types of denim material.
3. The Wrangler Western jeans design makes them less restrictive, so they can move easily with the body.

Keeping Cool and Dry

The Cool Vantage denim is innovative sweat-control technology which wicks sweat away from the body and to the outside of the denim. The cooling technology is woven directly into the fabric so it cannot be washed out. The Wrangler Western apparel wicks moisture away from the skin five times faster than other types of wicking material.
In traditional jeans, sweat pools next to the skin and makes the cloth soggy. The Cool Vantage jeans move moisture from the skin to the outside of the cloth where the moisture quickly dries.

Bring On the Toughest Jobs

Wrangler-Cool-Vantage-cowboy-cut-Jean-LogoThe recently introduced jeans work well for cowboys, rodeo circuit competitors, construction workers, road crews, surveyors, farmers, and anyone else regularly involved in hot, strenuous activities requiring a lot of bending, squatting, and twisting. The Premium Performance apparel line has bootcut leg openings, zipper fly and double seams. Each pair of jeans has the level of quality Wrangler is famous for delivering.
The Premium Performance apparel with wicking denim is as good looking as it is durable and comfortable, and can stand up to just about any test. Β Order a pair of your own today.

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