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Bronc Riding Nation Q & A

Q: Who is Bronc Riding Nation?

A: YOU are, Bronc Riding Nation. We are a member-supported non-profit organization ultimately
dedicated to winning the urbanite’s war on performance animals like our great, happy bucking
horses before the first battle is officially launched.

Q: Where do my membership dues go?
A: To date, your membership has funded help for ranchers in need during blizzard and flooding disasters. It’s purchased water tanks for feral horses dying during drought conditions. You’ve supported injured riders like JR Vezain, helped change rules at the Jr. High School Rodeo Association level to encourage more contestants starting their careers. You’ve assisted amazing organizations like the Junior Roughstock Association, the program building bareback and bronc riding athletes and outstanding youth ambassadors.

You’ve helped promote the intelligent, ethical Bucking Horse Breeder’s Association, our own DNA-based registry. You’ve been involved in the promotion of the Lady Bronc Riders making a comeback at high profile rodeos. You’ve assisted filmmakers and documentarians in their
quests to tell the story of the histories of the bucking horse.

Q: How do you plan to keep our horses and way of life safe?

A: Currently, BRN staff is writing for outside grants for two projects we feel are vital to the future of the bucking horse community. 1) In a long overdue answer to PETA, a 25 year old custom of inserting free, kid-friendly propaganda in schools, we have a book ready to publish about bucking horse life to be placed FREE in all public schools. AIR – The Real Lives of Horses Born to Buck is stacked with the amazing images of life on the road, at work and the vast, open ranges that our horses call home. It features stories from every horse culture and region that
supports these free-living, naturally performing, beloved and well cared for horse and is written to resonate with the young reader.

2) Preaching to the choir is fun, but won’t gain the new fan base needed to keep our community strong. With that in mind, BRN is well into planning and production for a beautiful piece of short film to provide FREE to broadcast news outlets for use when their local rodeos come to town. Accompanied by help in directing media outlets to bucking horse riders, owners and fans with great stories for hard hitting interviews, this will help create interest among new and younger demographics and get more intelligent, wider exposure for the truth about our way of life.

Q: What else should I know about Bronc Riding Nation?

A: BRN has built a network of media outlets both online and in print who publish the real stories of bronc riding nation. For those large enough to have great staff writers of their own, we provide regular press releases with story leads of interest to that particular outlet. PRCA’s
commissioner was right when he said in 2018, ‘we need to tell our stories to grow the sport. We’ve been doing that with success since 2009, six years before we opened for membership or asked for the first contribution from a patron.

Q: What benefits do I receive as a member?

A: Members of all levels, from $25 up to $1,000 and every patron who donates to BRN’s efforts
receives membership gift packages and a numbered, personalized card that entitles you to
discounts on our signature line of merchandise and other offers as we grow and those emerge.
More importantly, you take a stand for what you believe in and keep these horses, cowboys and
all who love the spirit of these beloved horses free to do what we were all born to do – breathe a
little fire while we’re here on this Earth.

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

Lori O'Harver is a woman on a mission to tell the stories of the world without borders known as Bronc Riding Nation. From the vast grasslands the great bucking horses call home to the bright lights of Las Vegas, where good ones buck and the people called to ride them come to make their high flying dreams come true, she writes about the horses and people who feel the spirit of freedom and devote their lives to keeping the legends alive.

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