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CLN 12-22: CLN Az High School Finals 2012 Barrel Racing

Arizona High School Finals, Payson, AZ – Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing

High School Barrel

CLN was able to capture the most exciting high school barrel event on film, because everyone knows that there is nothing like an amazing showcase by these girls riding around this arena. These high school contestants are concerned about making the quickest run as fast as they possible can, while using a variation of horsemanship skills and strategies, and certainly with their horses’ athletic ability, in order to execute these extraordinary maneuvers around three barrels without hesitation. These cowgirls have remarkable chemistry with their horses and have signature styles that raise the level of excitement in these races because no two horses or riders are the same. Girlsin this high school rodeoare stunningly beautifulby showing off their beauty, while at the same time expressing their down to earth attitudes. This high schoolevent is so much fun to watch, you can’t miss this one.
As these premiere high school riders begin the race, they plan to execute the course in a cloverleaf pattern, which allows for these barrel riders to step up to this competition at a very difficult level and shoot for a new record time. The competitiveness and team work in barrel racing is the backbone of this specific sport, because the hard work and pure dedication that goes into practice, really goes to show for how hard these cowgirls work and support one another. As a result, these girls raise the bar and sizzle their competitors at an early age, by competing in youth barrel races in order to make a name for themselves. This competitive edge pushes these young girls to dominate their opponents by completing their circles in the fastest time at the youth barrel races, in order to potentially have success in the arena while competing in high school,  college, and pro  barrel races.
It’s official folks; these girls have demonstrated their competitiveness in this high school barrel racing setting.From the moment the horse and rider cross the starting line, until the decisive barrel pattern has been effectively completed all the way through the finish line at record-breaking speeds, these cowgirls do everything it takes to win in these timed rodeo events. Perfectly executed lines are contributed by numerous factors. For instance, the flawless turn arounds you are witnessing are made possible with the amazing precision aided by stirrups; in which, riders use this as a tool to control the mount while riding their horse in order creating stability in the saddle throughout the race. However, without a pair of cowboy boots, none of this would be possible.
You heard it, the famous heel that can be seen on the bottom of a pair Justin Boots, is considered appropriate footwear for this sport, which can save a rider from fatal injuries. This is because of the way the cowboy boot is designed to fit snug into a custom stirrup, which prevents the foot from slipping through the rider’s stirrup. Therefore, every detail matters when preparing to compete in any barrel racing event, because if stirrups and boot sizing is mismatched, dragging can occur if a rider becomes hung up during the course of a race. As you can see in this film, Boot Barn has a large white banner on the arena’s fence that encourages cowboys and cowgirls to head to their local  Boot Barn to get sized for a new pair of cowboy boots. In fact, wearing cowboy boots is highly recommended for anyone interested in riding a horse because you have to always remember that safety comes first!

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