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CLN Exclusive Premier: Sean Devine – “Here For It All”

Montana musician Sean Devine brings together the rugged landscape of the West, nine original songs, and a lifetime of personal experience in his fourth album, Here for It All. For fans of powerhouse country writers such as Cody Jinks and Ward Davis, Sean Devine is a must add to your daily listening. Davis and Jinks were on tour together when Ward introduced Devine to Jink’s producer, Josh Thompson, as “the Bob Dylan of Montana,” a description that is not far off. Sean brings an easy listening country sound to the music scene that simply put, just makes you feel

Devine says, “This song is about how it feels after you’ve been blind-sided, knocked on your ass hard, humiliated, and you reach your hand up and someone is there. What happens next could be the transfiguration you didn’t know you were looking for.  I’d been through a lot in my thirties. My wife and I had lost a child, a beautiful boy who died when he was eight months old, and then my mom passed away after a long illness, dying in my arms.  We had two more babies and each started small businesses that we ran right into the heart of The Great Recession.” 

Sean continues, “Through it all we had clung together, and we had reached a better place, I thought, when I found out she was leaving me.  This was my second marriage, and I was left reeling.  My kids and our home became my whole world, and I didn’t think I had enough heart left to ever risk breaking again.  Into all that walked a woman of extraordinary intelligence, compassion, and sheer tenacity.  I marvel at what she has gone through to help me rebuild myself, to raise my kids, and to fill our home with her boundless sense of fun and her genuine love for our simple, honest life.”

Sean’s album is sure to resonate with listeners in all walks of life. Truly gifted at storytelling, Devine will make you feel like you’re sitting on a rug in a cabin up in the mountains listening as he tells his life story in person. Here for it All is Devine’s first album release in six years; the title track debut’s worldwide on June 11th, 2021.

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