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CLN Reviews: Horse Trainer – Bobby Kerr and The Mustang Acts

Wild horse trainer Bobby Kerr molds these wild mustangs into tame and almost domestic animals. The bond that Kerr demonstrates with his horses is awe-inspiring and a must see!

CLN-Reviews-Horse-Trainer---Bobby-Kerr-and-The-Mustang-Acts-2Horse trainer Bobby Kerr and the Mustang Acts are a must see for anyone who is a fan of rodeo events, horse or unusual animal shows. The bond that Kerr demonstrates with his horses is awe-inspiring. The horses that Bobby Kerr uses to ride and perform the amazing feats are not common, domesticated animals. Each of the equestrian athletes were once mustangs running free and wild.
CLN-Reviews-Horse-Trainer---Bobby-Kerr-and-The-Mustang-Acts-15Kerr traveled to Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma to get the six-year old horse that was captured in Nevada. Though a mutual bond was immediate, Kerr grew concerned when the young mustang startled easily and lashed out by kicking when someone approached him from behind. The behavior earned the horse his name, as all were warned that he “may pop” with a kick when frightened. Kerr learned that the horse had severe scarring on both of his eyes, which rendered him legally blind. Nevertheless, Maypop astonishingly performs the same routine as all of Kerr’s other mustangs.
CLN-Reviews-Horse-Trainer---Bobby-Kerr-and-The-Mustang-Acts-18Poncho is another six-year-old mustang. He was not originally one of the animals that the horse trainer planned on adopting. Poncho was assigned as a replacement for an injured horse. Though not immediately impressed with the mustang, Kerr agreed to the adoption. Poncho has more than proven that he is worth of taking a place on the Mustang Acts team. Poncho and Kerr won the Supreme Mustang Makeover award in 2011 and have been overwhelmingly voted as fan favorites.
CLN-Reviews-Horse-Trainer---Bobby-Kerr-and-The-Mustang-Acts-5Though often reported as being skittish or ill-tempered, Kerr proves the mustangs are worthy of honor and trust. Unmoved by the sound of gunshots or the roar of the crowd, Kerr’s Mustang Acts horses unfailingly perform each request while he rides without a bridle. Using voice coaching, a light touch of a strand of leather draped under their necks and the tap of the horse trainer’s toes, each mustang runs, sits, bows, jumps and climbs on command.
About Bobby Kerr
CLN-Reviews-Horse-Trainer---Bobby-Kerr-and-The-Mustang-Acts-1For more than four decades, Kerr has been training horses for cutting, reining, roping and working cattle. He is also the founding father of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, which is situated at the stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. Along with his cowboy lifestyle, Kerr is a renowned artist and craftsman. For more than two decades his “Cowboy Art” company produced numerous western-themed fixtures and signs. Kerr and his son also have a passion for motorcycles. The duo loves building bikes from the ground up.
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Peter the "Cowboy" is a gunslinger style writer from Bismark, North Dakota. Controversy is his middle name. He loves the cowboy lifestyle and being an American.

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