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Coors Banquet Celebrates 150 Years

When you’re ready for a cold one, Coors Banquet has you covered. Coors Banquet is celebrating 150 years in 2023. For those 150 years, they haven’t compromised their craft. You get what you give, and they’ve only given the best that they can brew. Banquet is brewed with 100% Rocky Mountain water, so when you’re enjoying a Banquet, you’re drinking history.

Loyal Sponsor of Professional Rodeo

Coors Banquet has been an amazing and loyal sponsor of professional rodeo since 1980. Their support runs deep for the inspiration and passion of rodeo cowboys. Coors Banquet has been the official beer of the PRCA since 1987 and is the rodeo sponsor for the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). Coors Banquet launched its “Man in the Can” program in 1984. The program recognizes top barrelmen in ProRodeo for the uniqueness, determination, and passion that they display in the rodeo arenas all throughout the United States. Coors Banquet is dedicated to its fans with a grass-roots sponsorship of local rodeos as well as ingenious marketing. 

Credit: Coors Banquet

Heritage: Celebrating 150 Years

The Start of Banquet

The story of Coors Banquet began in 1868 when Adolph Coors came to America. Adolph founded the Golden Brewery in Golden, Colorado within 5 years of his journey to the West. Since being established in 1873, Coors Banquet continues to be brewed in the same tradition as the original 150-year-old recipe.

Pictured: Coors Banquet Founder, Adolph Coors & Golden Brewery in Golden, Colorado – Credit: Coors Banquet

Banquet vs. the Prohibition

In 1916 prohibition hit Colorado and the brewery was ordered to drain 516 barrels of beer. Now fast-forward 17 years later in 1933 when the prohibition ended and Banquet was able to flow again. This was only the case in a handful of states in the West. 

Credit: Coors Banquet

Stubby Bottles to Aluminum Cans

The iconic stubby bottle hit the shelves in 1936 being a symbol of the love and dedication to Banquet’s rich heritage. Bill Coors and Coors Brewing Company were determined and pioneered the two-piece recyclable aluminum can in 1959. This was a move that transformed the beverage industry.

Pictured: Bill Coors – Credit: Coors Banquet

Stolen, Smuggled, and Sought After

Coors Banquet was regularly smuggled across state lines until it was available in all 50 states. This continued until 1991 when Banquet became available nationwide. 

Credit: Coors Banquet

Cheers to 150 Years

Fast forward to today, in 2023 we raise a Banquet and cheers as we celebrate 150 years. Coors Banquet has been a favorite beer of presidents, rock stars, and actors and because of this, you don’t change a thing. Here’s to the original, and to 150 years of building a legacy. 

Credit: Coors Banquet


The roots of Coors Banquet run deep in Colorado as the first batch was brewed in 1873. Adolph Coors Jr. used Moravian Barley seeds in 1937 to brew Banquet which is still linked to the original variety they use today. Water matters when it comes to brewing. The water sourced comes right from the Rocky Mountains. Those key ingredients along with 150 years of expertise are what give Coors Banquet that fruity aroma and unique personality you know and love.

Credit: Coors Banquet
Credit: Coors Banquet

The Process of the Craft

With a whole lot of love and science, Coors Banquet malts their own barley right in their home of Golden, Colorado. It’s filtered with Enzinger filters which is an old-school technique you don’t see very often nowadays. Good character and great beer beat speed every time so their sticking to it! Now let’s talk about the technique. That banana flavor you taste? That occurs during the fermentation process. It’s done at cold temperatures which in other terms is the classic technique of closed horizontal box fermentation.

Credit: Coors Banquet

Find out where to purchase a Coors Banquet near you here. Represent Coors Banquet and shop their merchandise. Be sure to check out their 150th collection. Next time you’re thirsty for a cold one, make it a Banquet.

Credit: Coors Banquet

Official Wrangler NFR Watch Party

Thank you to Coors Banquet who is a proud sponsor of the Official Wrangler NFR Watch Party at the Tropicana Las Vegas. Tis the season for the Superbowl of Rodeo, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2023! The Official Wrangler NFR Watch Party presented by Cowboy Lifestyle Network is kicking off on Saturday, December 9th, and Friday, December 15th, 2023. Wrangler Network and Cowboy Lifestyle Network have teamed up to throw a top-notch party. This is an exclusive invitational event only. Doors open at 5:15 pm. As soon as the bucking is done there will be live entertainment at 9:00 pm by the Western Fusion Band on Saturday, December 9th, and Nathan Dean & the Damn Band will be performing on Friday, December 15th. You don’t want to miss out on the best viewing party in town. This is the time to deck yourselves out by wearing your favorite Wrangler wear. Get ready to come together, grab a cold Coors Banquet, and watch the best cowboys and cowgirls around take on the rankest animal athletes.

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