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Katie Von Kral - Art by KVK
Katie Von Kral – Art by KVK

You may have seen some of the original artworks from the Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s artist, Katia Von Kral, but have you had the chance to view some of her custom pieces? If you haven’t, you may find them surprisingly intriguing. Recently, KVK created a very special piece for one of her collectors, Jeff Harris, a piece that is very personal and sentimental to him and to others who know what this piece encompasses. This custom original, titled “Steve and Lefty,” tells the story of the life of Jeff Harris’ brother who passed away unexpectedly in 1999. The mixed-media painting stands large at approximately 4.5 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide in the entry of Harris’s newly built home, dedicated and made possible by his brother Steve.

Steve Harris by KVK
© Art By KVK

For most people, the painting may just seem like a cowboy standing with his horse, but if you look closely, the image is much more than that. Collaged throughout the piece, depicting Jeff Harris’s brother (Steve and his horse Lefty), there are pictures blended into the painting that illustrate moments, hobbies, people, and affections during Steve’s life, including his favorite George Strait song. Additionally, you may have noticed that KVK always collages an envelope into her art. Recently she has enabled the owners of her originals to open the envelopes, without destroying the art, to read the message included inside the envelope. In this piece of Steve and Lefty, KVK integrated a reflective cowboy poem that relates to his life and passing.

Steve loved horses, team penning, roping, water skiing, boating, motor cross, the NFR, work, and the desert, to name just a few of those loves. He also really cared about children. Because Steve loved children, in 1987, he started a charity that helped provide Christmas presents to children at the City of Hope Children’s Hospital and UCLA Harbor General Hospital. Today, the members of the charity continue to honor his legacy by raising funds for terminally ill children at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center that directly support the children and their families during the difficult times. You can read more about his charity by visiting

With his great charity, the many wonderful memories, and this fabulous painting by Katia Von Kral, Steve Harris will live on forever. If you are interested in commissioning KVK for your very own custom original, contact her directly by email at or by phone at 602-717-2341.

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