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Earnhardt Auto Centers Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary! NO BULL!

Join us in celebrating Earnhardt Auto Centers 65 year anniversary! Tex Earnhardt has built his dream of selling cars into a legacy with over 15 locations.

Earnhardt Auto Centers Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary NO BULL-2

Tex and Hal Earnhardt

As anybody in Arizona knows, the best car dealership to visit when shopping for an automobile is Earnhardt Auto Centers. Founded by famed automotive icon Tex Earnhardt in 1951, the business that started small has grown to be one of the nation’s best car dealerships. With a great selection of vehicles among 22 locations, the team at Earnhardt Auto Centers guarantees you’ll find exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Celebrating 65 years in business, customers know when they need a vehicle they can afford, there’s no place better than Earnhardt Auto Centers.

The latest addition to the Earnhardt Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram team, Edward Farrell

The Customer Comes First
When it comes to customers, the Earnhardt team realizes it’s all about customer service. Because of this, they believe strongly in treating each and every customer the way they themselves would want to be treated when shopping for a vehicle. One of the largest family-owned dealerships in the nation, the business has become famous for its great deals, world-class customer service, and Tex’s catch phrase “That ain’t no bull!” that keeps customers coming back time after time when in need of a new vehicle.
Earnhardt Auto Centers Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary NO BULL

CLN’s Patrick OD O’Donnell and Aaron Kuhl with Tex Earnhardt

The Earnhardt No Bull Difference
As Tex will tell anyone who will listen, the secret to success is to treat people the way you would treat your mama. With that philosophy as his basis, he has built his car dealership business into one that others try to emulate time after time. However, while many may try to be as good as Earnhardt, few if any ever accomplish this goal. For those who know Tex, they know he conducts his business using a variety of principles. Known as the No Bull Difference, some of the most popular ones include:

  • Build a positive team in the spirit of family
  • Meet all challenges with a can-do attitude and the customer’s best interests in mind
  • Treat customers and employees with respect

By never forgetting these principles, Tex and his car dealership team always make sure the automotive shopping experience is a fantastic one for each customer.
Here’s to Another 65 Years
Earnhardt Auto Centers Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary NO BULL-4Having already been in business 65 years, some people may think Tex is ready to rest on his laurels. However, having built his family-owned business into one of the best in the United States, it’s clear Tex has no intention of slowing down. In fact, he’s ready to see the automobile dealership have another 65 years of serving customers, and if he has his way he’ll still be around greeting each and every customer who comes through the door. So if it’s a great deal on an automobile you’re looking for in Arizona, stop by and say hello to Tex at any one of his 22Β Earnhardt Auto Centers locations.

Earnhardt 75 Years Flyer

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