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Garth Brooks Mesmerizes Mile High City

This article and photographs were curated by Mitch Blunn, of Branded Media. 

Denver, CO – The dust has settled in Denver, the convoy has left town, and Garth is headed to the next show on his Stadium Tour. In the immediate aftermath of his record-breaking show in the mile high city, terms like “greatest night of my career” and “best concert ever” have been tossed around by both Garth, the media, and the legion of fans in attendance. Personally, I have attended hundreds if not thousands of country concerts, I have seen Garth five times, in multiple venues. Honestly, I needed a few days to reflect on this particular show.

My conclusion. I’m blown away, that was absolutely insane.

Ask anyone who has ever stepped on stage, entertaining and engaging a crowd of 84 people in
a small venue is difficult. Now, imagine standing in front of 84,000 fans, which paid $100 each
to see you, all of them having monumental expectations.

Garth has a gift, one that few artists are blessed with. One you can’t teach. You either have it,
or you don’t. That gift is the ability to connect with every last person in the audience, no matter
the size of the venue. It’s not just the countless great songs or the way he commands the
massive stage. It doesn’t matter if you are a super fan, or new to his music. Garth reaches you
on a personal level and makes you feel like part of the show.

I’d be lying if I said Garth was even close to my favorite country artist, and I wouldn’t put many
stadium shows at the top of my “favorite concerts list”, but this one blew me away. If the Garth
Brooks stadium tour is coming anywhere near you. Go, you won’t regret it.

P.S. God Bless Chris LeDoux

A huge thanks to Mitch at Branded Media & Promotions for submitting this and taking some truly awesome shots. Make sure to give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram for more stellar shots like these.

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