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Aaron Watson Talks Newest Album: Red Bandana

Aaron Watson…the man who keeps shaking up the radio world with his chart-topping independent label songs and commitment to his faith and fans. He is releasing yet another fantastic album that incorporates the past and the present sounds of Aaron Watson. Weaving his stories and country lifestyle into the very fabric of the heritage that is a Red Bandana.

Red bandanas have been synonymous with the country lifestyle and western heritage for as long as we can remember. So when I learned that Aaron Watson’s latest song and album were called “Red Bandana”, I was intrigued to see how he was going to tie it all in.

Britt: It was in 2015 was when I really honed in on your music. You had “Underdog” that came out, and you made a huge splash in the country music scene with it that year, and it was so awesome just to watch all of your stuff flourish here in the last couple of years. And I know you’ve got “Red Bandana” that’s going to be coming out June 21st and the song “Kiss That Girl Goodbye” has just been absolutely burning up the charts.

Aaron: You know, it took me 18 years to get my first top 10 hit on country radio. So I really have a great amount of appreciation for just how big of a blessing that is. And also we’re just having so much fun. You know, every opportunity is a blessing. And I’m singing songs, and I’m putting smiles on people’s faces, and I’m getting to share my heart with folks.

Aaron: The Red Bandanna album is a special album, and to me, there are 20 songs for the 20 years I’ve been making country music, and I wanted to give my fans something special, and I wrote every word to every song on this album.

Britt: I love that you just poured your heart into it.

Aaron: You know there’s fun moments, there’s lighthearted moments, like “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”. But there’s also a lot of deep moments, you know? I wrote some songs and I was happy, and then there’s those moments where I’m down in the dumps and depressed and just blah. And I wrote songs during those moments too. Instead of chasing after a hit, I was chasing after my heart. And you know, you can definitely tell that in there.

(Aaron Watson and Daughter Jolee Kate via facebook)

Aaron: I’m evolving as a writer and an artist, but I’m not forgetting the I’m not forgetting my brand of country music. The title track is called Red Bandana and it’s a cowboy poem. It’s actually part two of Riding With Red, which is about Red Steagall, one of my cowboy heroes. So I mean it’s important to me that you know the Western world has supported me for so long, and that they know, like, I’m still doting on them.

Britt: I’ve been to numerous of your shows, and you stand afterward, shaking everyone’s hand, thank everyone, and take photos. And that’s a big feat. You’re getting so many fans that are coming and seeing you, and you’re still doing that. And I think that they feel the appreciation for you as much as you do for them.

Aaron: I hope so. This album it’s country music, it’s Texas music, it’s cowboy music, it’s independent music… .it’s just me, it’s my brand.

Britt: Find Aaron Watson’s forthcoming album “Red Bandana” available June 21 everywhere music is sold and streamed. Tell your friends and neighbors because, yes, it is just that good.

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