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Gary Leffew Teaching the Young Guns of Professional Bull Riders (PBR)

Gary Leffew Teaching the Young Guns of Professional Bull Riders (PBR)

Did you ever think that maybe it’s not just by chance when you stumbled onto something or someone way bigger than you could ever even imagined?
Me either – well until I watch Gary Leffew from a distance sitting on the arena fence at the Youth Bull Riding World Finals videoing the riders.

Gary Leffew spent the week in Abilene with his mini HotMan team but made himself available to any rider who wanted to talk about what went right or what went wrong during their ride.

At 74 years old his passion for the sport of bull riding is still undeniable.

“There will always be a changing of the guards – the future of bull riding is right here!” Gary Leffew said.

I used to think he “arrived” in 1970 when he won the National Finals Rodeo but I’m pretty sure that’s when he stumbled onto his purpose and the impact he would have in the sport of bull riding was just getting started.

This isn’t the “great” debate on who’s the best bull riding coach – every rider has the responsibility of finding the style of teaching that works best for them but, there’s no denying the number of Champions that have sprouted out of the Hotman tree.

Forty-eight years after winning his world title he is still chasing white lines all over the country putting on bull riding schools- makes you wonder if he’s looking for his next protege or if he really just wants to see a champion in every Young Gun he meets.

Gary Leffew will be inducted into the Ring of Honor at the 25th PBR Unleash the Beast World Finals Nov 7-11 in Las Vegas for his commitment to the past, present, and future of the sport of bull riding.

If his legacy teaches us anything it’s that there is not one finish line when driven by purpose.
Congratulations Gary Leffew the impact you have made in the Professional Sport of Bull Riding will be felt for generations to come!

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