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George Strait Team Roping Classic

This event is held every year in San Antonio, TX. CLN is dedicated to bringing you all of George Strait’s Team Roping Classic highlights to you. Learn more.

Attend a Cowboy Rodeo Event

George-Strait-Team-Roping-Classic-1Anyone interested in cowboy rodeo events should attend the George Strait Team Roping Classic to have a great time watching teams rope steers while riding horses. This year’s event takes place on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15 at a great location in San Antonio, Texas. With over 4,000 seats, the San Antonio Rose Palace provides the perfect place to watch the 2015 rodeo event that lasts two days. Fans with tickets to the George Strait Team Roping Classic can arrive early in the morning to stay for the entire day’s events. Getting tickets is competitive with George Strait’s fan members getting first choice of up to four tickets several months before general sales are allowed.

See Hundreds of Teams Compete

George-Strait-Team-Roping-Classic-3George Strait has many fans especially in the state of Texas where people love his style of country music. As Strait is in his final musical tour, fans are even more eager than usual to attend the George Strait Team Roping Classic to watch numerous rodeo style events. Last year there were nearly 700 teams showing off their expertise at roping in old-fashioned cowboy style, with coveted prizes for the winners of several events. Located near many luxurious hotels and restaurants, the San Antonio Rose Palace is easy to access with a huge parking lot designed for large vehicles such as tour buses.

How to Order Tickets to the Roping Show

George-Strait-Team-Roping-Classic-4To buy tickets for this event, people can check out the website here, or order tickets from other well-known sites. Early sales of tickets to the George Strait Team Roping Classic were priced at a low $20 per day, making it an affordable all-day event for fans of the sport. After ordering tickets online, the seller must wait for credit or debit cards to clear, so now is the time for fans to make a purchase. Buyers will receive their tickets to the roping show in February before the 2015 event at the San Antonio Rose Palace. This is the biggest roping event in the world with huge crowds wanting to see gorgeous horses handled by expert riders.

How to Sign Up to Participate in the Event

George-Strait-Team-Roping-Classic-2Each year the George Strait Team Roping Classic is bigger and better with more teams showing off their skills. This event is in its 33rd year, making it one of the longest running shows of its kind. Fans get to see an organized show in a fantastic location with great amenities that provide a family oriented experience. Roping teams can still join by checking the links at the official site of the event at The winning teams are selected based on fastest roping times and skills to receive prizes that include vehicles and cash.

CLN & Earnhardt Auto Centers Road Team

Hal Earnhardt and Lucinei Nunes Nogeuira Jr

Hal Earnhardt and Lucinei Nunes Nogeuira Jr. Team Roping in Arizona

CLN will be covering the George Strait Team Roping Classic along with some of Arizona’s top team ropers, including: Hal Earnhardt, Victor Aros and partners.

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Meanwhile, stay tuned into Cowboy Lifestyle Network as the action unfolds.

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