Hemp Bedding: The Bedding of the Future

Trying to find a quality bedding product, which performs to the claims on the label, can be a black-hole experience for many Equine owners. From so-called “dust-free” bedding that ends up being dusty to half-filled bag of shavings, already conveniently pre-soaked with moisture.

The good news, the search for a quality Equine and Animal bedding has just come to an abrupt end.

Old Dominion Hemp is an Equine and Animal bedding company, based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We believe Hemp, will be the bedding of the future. ODHemp has grown a market and awareness for Hemp bedding, based on the belief that, “Hemp Bedding is the best substrate on the market, period.”

Saturation vs Absorption

Hemp bedding is made from Hemp Hurd. Hemp Hurd absorbs four times its own weight and does so naturally. Hemp is 70% cellulose compared to 40% in most wood products. Hemp keeps the surface clean and dry, trapping the odors and urine under the surface. Hemp bedding has a “clumping” aspect, allowing for removal of only the soiled bedding.  Competing bedding products allow urine to spread along the floor.

Hemp and Equine Health

Dust can cause many respiratory issues for Horses. Hemp Bedding is extremely low in dust. Hemp is cleaned to remove harmful dust particulates and this is crucial to creating a healthy environment for the animal. Hemp has no phenols and is not palatable to horses, further increasing the health benefits. Veterinarians are starting to take notice as well, utilizing the low dust content of hemp bedding to treat horses with Heaves and other respiratory issues. This information is meant to provide a better understanding of how Hemp bedding can provide a healthy bedding alternative to current bedding options.  This article is in no way meant to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or diagnosis of a given horse’s condition.

Learn more by visiting: www.odhemp.com

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