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Review From a Rancher: MAX Multipurpose Kit

Ranch life is beautiful, but you have to know how to work and prepare for the unexpected because there is always a job to do, and often the best-laid plans don’t work out. My husband, Jordan, and I live and work on a ranch in the Superstition Mountains, an extremely rough and rugged area where we help raise high-quality cattle. We use many tools to help make each job more manageable, and we tend towards the picky side when choosing the right one. A tool that isn’t effective and efficient makes for longer hours and muscles that are even more sore than usual. The MAX Multipurpose Kit by Forrest Tool Company, proudly made in the USA, is one tool that makes our lives easier and has been helpful in many capacities.

Water is an essential part of ranching in the desert, and making sure it gets where we need it to go is a tremendous job. The MAX Tool Kit allows us to pack it on the pack saddle for work in our remote pastures or quickly toss it into the back of our side-by-side for closer projects. The wide variety of tools, including the shovel, broad pick, and mattock blade, comes in handy when a water pipe needs repairing and must be dug up first or a new line needs installing. The weight and balance of this tool aid in proper placement and ease of use. 

A recent round pen project brought about another use for this toolkit. Rocks are nothing new in this country, so it’s no surprise the spot we picked for the round pen contains many rocks and boulders. Rocks are a real hazard to horses’ feet during a working session, so my husband tried this tool out by digging up a few of the larger boulders. A job that isn’t fun for basically anyone was made easier with the pick tool. Then he switched to the shovel and McCleod to dig out further. 

A handy tool in an emergency, the MAX Tool Kit has become a common sight on our pack mule, along with the mineral supplements we take out to the pastures. By pastures, I mean canyons. This ranch is much like many others in Arizona, as horseback can only reach many of our pastures. There are no roads to drive supplements and tools in. Everything that goes in must be done by horse and pack animal. Because of the ability of this tool to break down to a compact size and the light weight, it’s an excellent addition to the pack saddle. It is always handy in case of unexpected repairs or issues with fencing, water developments, or any other unknown problems awaiting the crew. 

Overall, this is a tool we recommend to other ranchers. It can be used for various projects, including the ones we thought up here and many more that we didn’t have a chance to test. This quality tool would free up a lot of space in your already packed working area and has proven useful far beyond the small space it takes up. 

About Forrest Tool Company

The Forrest Tool Company is passionate about its customers having the right tool on hand regardless of the adventure they may be on. That’s just one of the reasons that the company released the MAX Multipurpose Kit. Unlike other bulky tool kits that take up much-needed space, this tool comes with eight commonly used tool heads all in one light-weight, easy-to-carry and easy-to-stow case. One of the things we love most about the MAX® is that it is proudly manufactured in the USA and is actually a standard piece of equipment on Army Light Tactical Vehicles. Keep an eye out for more stories on the Max® Multipurpose Tool as we put it to the test so you don’t have to! This tool would be ideal for campers, hunters, off-roaders, hikers, ranchers, farmers, and really anyone that likes to travel light but still be prepared for any situation that comes their way. 

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