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How to Use the MAX® Toolkit Throughout Your Property

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How to Use the MAX® Toolkit Throughout Your Property

For property owners across the country, ranch work can be a demanding task, especially when it comes to maintaining brush growth and fence lines. When you’re heading out to get that work done, you want a tool that is going to take up the least amount of space, while still being able to efficiently get the job done. That’s where our friends at the Forrest Tool Company come in. They saw a need to create an American-made toolkit that would travel light but be tough enough to get any job done, regardless of the terrain.

Introducing the MAX® Toolkit, a versatile and powerful multipurpose tool that is considered an 8-in-1 tool to help you get more jobs done with fewer tools and less clutter in your truck or offroad vehicle. The multiple attachments come in an easy-to-carry bag and can be interchanged to suit each task. The attachments include an ax + striking surface, pick, broad pick, mattock, rake and hoe (McLeod), and shovel. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use the MAX® Toolkit on your property.

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Clearing Out Brush

Whether you’re dealing with overgrown shrubs, thickets of thorny vegetation, or fallen trees, the MAX® Rake and Hoe attachment can handle it all. With its durable construction, this tool can quickly clear out even the toughest brush and leave your property looking neat and tidy. If you have hard to reach, or overly thick brush that is hard to break apart, you can switch out the attachments for the pick ax to help break that brush up before clearing it out the rest of the way. No more carrying multiple rakes, shovels, and hoes, the MAX® is designed to cut through thick vegetation with ease, making it ideal for clearing out land and maintaining large properties.

Digging Post Holes & Fixing Fence

If you need to install new fencing or other structures on your property, the MAX® is the perfect tool for the job. Whether you are driving t-posts, digging holes, or clearing land the MAX® has everything you need all in one tool to help you get the job done. For digging holes, you can use the shovel attachment, and with its lightweight build, it’s easy to bring with you no matter how remote the location is. As mentioned above, the rake and hoe attachment is great for clearing bushes or small brush to make room for new or clear existing fencelines. Then when it comes to driving in your t-posts, you can use the striking surface on the back of the ax rather than lugging around a separate tool for that as well. When we say this is the only tool you need to maintain your property, we mean it!

Maintaining Roads & Trails

Regardless of how big or small your property is, chances are you have roads or trails around you that need maintenance on a pretty regular basis. Once again, the MAX® multipurpose tool is the all-in-one tool that can travel with you and get the job done no matter what stands in the way. You can use the MAX® Ax to cut down small trees and branches that are blocking your path and then use the rake and hoe attachment to clear out the debris left behind.

The MAX® Toolkit from Forrest Tool Company is a versatile and powerful 8-in-1 tool that can simplify your ranch work. With its multiple attachments, you can tackle any task that comes your way, without having to switch between different tools. The MAX® Toolkit is a must-have for anyone who wants to work efficiently and effectively throughout their property. In conclusion, if you are a property owner and are looking for a durable and lightweight tool to simplify your ranch work and brush-clearing tasks, then the MAX® Toolkit from Forrest Tool Company is the perfect solution for you. Visit Forrest Tool Company’s website today to learn more about the MAX® Toolkit and how it can help you simplify your property maintenance tasks.

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